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Hello 2010! What you have for me to date…

Xmas presents!

And hey, it’s 2010 and we are almost more than a week into it already. A whole new year, a whole new year of possibilities and expectations! So far so good, but still largely very far away from home.

Well not that I actually miss home, much, but I guess the bore of work seems to creep up at you at times, particularly when you think you want to find time out to enjoy and party for the holidays, particularly this new year.

I guess the same can’t be said for school I guess. I always tend to have this strange mixed feel of anticipation attenuated by work over the new year. Something evident since my poly days given our school term smacked right over the new year period.

This is of course in contrast to those carefree days I miss even before my time in poly. It seems the old idea of a new year in January for a fresh start of a new school term with no current work (or deadlines) looming your head is a thing very much of the past now, even in university.

Anyway, at least we do get slightly more holidays. Notably my holidays last Christmas was excellent, so I am not complaining, much. Looking forward, there is much to expect for this new year. Particular looking back at what happened during the new year’s day celebrations in London.

Anyway, to make up for that on a brighter side, at least I can bask with some presents I’ve got over Christmas! Man there are quite afew! I’ve not actually found time to go through all of them, having only returned back home only very recently. It’s like Christmas all over again!


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