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Awarded my overseas DSTA Scholarship!

Shaun ze DSTA scholar!

Whee! Got a letter from my scholarship provider, the Defense Science Technology Agency today congratulating me on being awarded their scholarship! It will include fully paid fees for overseas studies in a top overseas university (as stated in their letter) including accommodation, not to mention all the nitty gritty book and computer fees as well! Woot! Now I just got to get all those enrollment stuffs settled. UK here I come!

Ultimately, this scholarship is what I will be going for. At this point of time looking at all the unopened NUS letters and enrollment packages they had sent over the past weeks, me ponders should I reject the NUS Global Merit Scholarship offer during their last round of interview next month and maybe give someone else more deserving that place.


    • Hey Bob, thanks for following up on my choices! you are sure sharp on my previous blog posts!

      US is great, but there are just too many things to be settled in such a short time like brushing my my SAT and SAT subject scores and doing a good admissions essay on top of recommendations, which can be done, but in comparison to the UK it’s quite a heck lot more to do! Furthermore, US B.Eng degree programs, though slower in pace, takes 4 years to complete, so I leaning more to UK now. Do you have any opinions on that?

      UK was part of the few choices I was greatly considering as the scholarship term allows only 4 years of overseas studies. UK unis allows a masters degree in 4 years (and 3 years for the B.Eng) so with the given time frame, it will be a more viable choice in the midst of my research choices.

      Shortlisted universities in the UK I will be going for will be Cambridge, Imperial and UCL which I will be applying through the UCAS.

      • Hi..are you doing Mechanical Engineering again? If UK is your choice, go for Imperial College! As I know, their engineering is the best in UK…If you consider science, then I think Cambridge will be better…hehe…But, seriously, I think Cambridge will be very hard to get into…even if you have straight ‘As’ for ‘A’ Level…somemore for poly…but no harm trying….

        However, personally, I still think that US still the best in engineering…If you really want a superior engineering education, go to US…esp. MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Caltech!

        By the way, are you going to UK this year or next year? 🙂

        • Hey bob thanks! I will be heading to UK for the term of 2009. I’ve been offered a place to do engineering in Cambridge!

          I definitely won’t give US a miss either, I plan to do my post grad studies there.

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    • Hi van, that will be 4.0. I think I have a blog entry of all my grades for all my semesters. You can do a search of “gpa” on my blog to check my dated entries on that. You should get you need on the first few results of the search.


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