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Singapore is a “fine” city, of course, aren’t you proud of it?

It’s ain’t no april fool’s joke, but hey Singapore does have a reputation of a fine city. And what better way to see it through the eyes of a rather chatty taxi driver.

Though I think the expats have not really seen much of Singapore to make any firm creditability from their remarks, I guess Singapore will still be a stack contrast to the other countries in the neighborhood. More on the click:

Here is an excerpt of the author of the short film:

This film is part of a multi-episode series over the course of a year…of students abroad…of crazy experiences…about life…and about China’s journey into the future…I made this just for fun…also as a fond tribute of my memories in the last year of college (2007-2008).

We arrive in Singapore. Where nocturnal humans sex it out in our hostel, where interesting people take us around, and where we have a night safari.

This is my almost real-time almost-no-budget 365 Day Journey in China, leading up to the Beijing 2008 Olympics. I am a film student from the world’s best film school – The University of Southern California, School of Cinema and Television in the United States.


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