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Radical Plantfixion

About most finished Half-life2 now on more on less the last level where I can pick up dead bodies & smash them around or so.

Mum decided Dropped by to crowded orchard today & man did I mention its god damnned crowded, not to mention annex where I had a tough time scouting for good items to spend my $3×50 vouchers I’ve won in the Straits Time graffiti competition. Ended up getting john thursday Crumpler PDA pouch for my axim x50v & a cool black Billabong cap for $54 in total, with me paying $5 on the outstanding after using athe voucher. Dinner was at taka food court & they’ve got some neat egg cocoon like japanese rice set special. Sis couldn’t get enough of the seemingly popular octopus balls she’ve got from a nearby kiosk in the basement. Went around shopping where mum got some cushions for new year.

Visited grannies thereafter. Got some drawing suppiles from the nearby stationary shop there. Stayed there for about 1hr+ leaving around 10.30pm to ji mei flower along thompson to check out some new year plants. They even have a cold room to hold flowers & such, the biggest around they say. All in hand I got a nice little Hedera helix mix house plant for $5, a new pet for my room I say. Whee!

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