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SP graduation 2008 invites in

SP graduation 08 invites

Oh yes, nothing like “news” but hey my invitation cards for the upcoming SP graduation had arrived in the mail few days ago. They are all clad glossy-esthetique on paper board- it does not look cheap, goes to show how much SP puts into their collaterals… Though it will be better if we don’t actually to have to write our own names in the cards before presenting it to ourselves. The invitation will encompass 2 sessions, one at 9.30am in the morning for awards with the built design diploma presentation, followed by my course diploma presentation slot in the afternoon. It is all held on the 27th this month, currently it seems that there is no need to prepare a speech!

SP sent me another letter of commendation yesterday, its being in the H’roll the 2007/2008 semester 2, presumably for my FYP semester, so thats another in the bag. Oh yes, similarly, got a letter from NUS saying that they are offering me their scholarship and they are awaiting my acceptance of it. They’ve been quite pokey lately too- I’ve been getting emails and SMSes on their upcoming campus and orientation events, it’s like I am already a student with them even before I accepted their placement offer! Creepy…



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