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Semester 6 Results Out

I always remembered the date 27th Feb being the release of the semester results, but I was too busy with work, projects, running and university application(s) to even remember it now- As naive as it sounded, I simply just went “huh?” each time anybody reached me about my results when I am out today, having to apologize to everyone who called up as I have not checked it yet, only till late today when I can log on to do so.

Shaun's Semester 6 Poly Results

Logged into the SAS and checked it this evening. Being a pure FYP semester for me, there isn’t so much glitter as compared to my last- Just some very few humble grades this semester. So here’s the result: *dodges tomatoes & taupoks*

Final Year Project: Dist
Co-Circular Activities: Dist (333 Points)

I am not sure of the CCA part result being out so soon, is the CCA component a grade given in the whole Poly level? That is one I simply not sure about.

Nevertheless, there we have it the last of the results out for my time as an active student in Singapore Polytechnic. Though we had unofficially “graduated” I guess I will still be seeing myself quite occasionally in and out of school, especially with the alumni club where I can still can make use of the track, gym and swimming pool whenever I am around the area. Also especially helping out my lecturers and possibility being a mentor for my course juniors in the CIE “Alumni club”.


  1. Hi.
    Congrats on your good results and graduation.
    It’ll be interesting to see whether your 32 Dist’s are enough to get you the DME Course Medal.

    Dunno if you’re aware that the last two years’ DME/EDME Course Medals have been awarded to part-time candidates, tho neither was awarded the LKY Award. I don’t know how many Dist they each got, but 9 modules IMO is too many to drop.

    I’m an Evenings-Only DME student myself. (15 DIST’s, 3 A’s, Cum. GPA 4.0). Still have 4 semesters and 16 modules to go.:roll:
    I actually keep track of my potential “competitors” by checking out the results board to see who else score the Dist’s after every semester. I guess it’s too late for you to do that now so can only hope for the best.

    Have a nice day. 😀

    • Hey thanks Dodo, your results are quite impressive yourself, though 4 semesters more to go is still rather long a long way to go, maintain it and you will definitely be cool!

      I am seriously hoping to be able to win the Lee Kuan Yew award this year, as I know that only a very hand selected few get shortlisted and only 1-2 receive it yearly. There is no such thing as nominations or recommendations, so it’s either you get it or not.

      Personally speaking, though notable, where the award went to the last few years do not matter, what matters is now and the ability to change with the tides, mindsets and direct the award to mechanical engineering as showing what we are capable of in the polytechnic itself.

      I just hope that the nature of my course do not limit me as it’s quite vague given the criteria of the award only given out to deserving candidate of a “technology diploma course”.


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