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E-Learning Lagging week


Its a first attempt, an attempt leading to a possible bleak eventual future where students have to learn all from home and have wires or so plugged into their brains to communicate, study & retrive data. Not to mention the birth of crimes such as brain jacking or cyber cheating… ahah its the e-learning week for starters.

The week started out pretty smoothly on my side, contray to what my other classmates encountered, like error 404 or 403 on the blackboards due to the intensive load on the servers, thus being unable to do or submit quizzes on time. Maybe because QUOTE: “I’ve got dedicated bandwidth!” Finished 4 of 5 of the required online quizes & assignments by mid week. With 1 more to clear before I leave to KL for my holiday over christmas.

A good thing I find about this is that since everything is done online, we can literally do our research & search for info/answers directly off the net for our quizzes, usually learning & encountering much more interesting resources out of the range of our textbooks, with the exception of the evident blackboard lag that is.

I guess a good suggestion is to actually prep the systems before embarking on a full scale e-learning week (i.e bandwidth, system load tests, having backup servers, etc) considering that many quizes on the blackboard actually count as LIFE MARKS in the ICA, it should be fair if the system can actually handle the loads better & more effectively for all students, anytime of the day.

I guess there is still alot to be improved on this e-learning thing & its not very much of a success as it was intended to be I guess, judging from the amount of complains I get from most of my peers. SP, don’t follow the crowd like what the other polys are doing on the e-learing thing & theres nothing to be ashamed about not adopting it. Bring back the teachers! We are Asians after all & learning is still best done face to face with the personal teacher touch – the typical learning environment we all grew up with.


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