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DME Class of 25 End Semster Chalet and Old Changi Hospital Visit

Whats more a way to end the Poly semester but with a reunion chalet with my old class of 25. However, just like many others during the vacation, it’s the time to work prior to enlistment to the army or university. Despite all these, many Cheers going tout to many who took the time off to drop by the chalet, during the BBQ, especially to catch up on the times since our class where stream into different diploma streams almost 2 years ago.

DME 25 '08 chalet gathering
Yea unhealthy food!
The early BBQ people!
Starting the fire
On the tables!
Few of those who managed to drop by

There was ample of BBQ food for all, even last 2 nights. But contrary to plans, didn’t managed to get any free KFC fast food from a classmate of mine who happens to work there too. They always have plenty of “leftovers” they say where they bring back for all to chow, looks like this time is an exception. But hey at least we do not have to feel guilty from all the excess calories!

Visit to old Changi Hospital
It was a full moon on our first night, and what other better way to pass the midnight but at the old CGH, well this time it’s not as dramatic as the visit one of my friends did previously with 25 groups of 2 raiding the area. The place bring back alot of memories of scenes from silent hill, not to mention freaking my friends out after raiding the various floors of the old military hospital which served largely during the war before converted to a civilian one, with it come it’s tales of the mortuary and war torture chamber. Nope we did not see anything, but we did kinda freaked out a group who was visiting the area before us on their exit.

OCGH like a scene from silent hill
Stairwell just like from silent hill!
1st one down?
Who is going in first?
The place in ruins
Many of the ruins and vandalism

Everything is largely pitch black in there, you can’t see your hands in front of you. but thankful to the full moon night vision is excellent in there with the exception of my camera cum torch unable to snap pictures of anything more than a meter in front of it. Soon, funny I found myself leading the group everywhere, with me going in first into all kinds of rooms and manholes. But I am no stranger to dark places and love them especially in jungles and built up areas during my reconnaissance days in the army. The thing which freaks people up is mostly the mind where you can build up tension then thats where people start to imagine things- the girls are expert at that!

The view from the roof top is excellent, coupled with the seasonal wind, the view over to neighboring islands to Johor with the sea in front of your, lit by the moon is breathtaking.

The highlight was definitely supper at Changi Village, not to mention giving some our our sua-kuo friends how the red-light business goes on at Changi Village carparks. Then there was the 8km over walk back to the pasir-ris chalets – in slippers!

The last night is spent at Pasir Ris park with lots of more long walks and fun at the playgrounds. Then theres the excellent sea breeze there, very calming, peaceful and makes you want to savour every moment and reflect on life there.

Thats all I have on this chalet here. Time to get some rest!


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