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1st day in SP (Sure Pass)

SP orientation 2005

Well here there I was at SP main audi sitting with the rest of the 2005 MM (mechanical & manufacturing engineering) 2005 students, for orientation. Comprising of Dip Aero Eng (DARE), Dip Mech Eng (DME) & few other courses. I choose to continue further my studies in poly as I could not secure a place in local universities (that is NUS & NTU that is) with my dinky “A” level results. Though theres always the overseas option but thats something I see not worth the money (about $25,000 a year) & though I was accepted in both Monash & RMIT universities in Melbourne, Australia, the degree in the end is very much the same as what I can get locally in the end, nothing special worth going overseas for. Time factor spent here 2 1/2yrs poly + 3 years bach (NUS or NTU maybe) degree about 6years, overseas total 5 years plus foundation (costs 5yrsx$25,000) so myself stay in SG & hey at least I can still get in local happenings around here. Furthermore my stay in SP might be a free one with the tuition grant covering about 80% of school fees & the remaining 20% yet ot be covered by a scholarship I’ve applied. Hopefully my 2Bs & 4 distinctions at “O” levels will get me somewhere…

SP Flag Day

My class tutor is an old dude armed with not only a bach degree but honours, so the general rule is don’t underestimate the old dinky men in campus. His name is Mr Tan Gek.. something a cheerful guy. After a short time in class together, the class didn’t really get to formally introduce each other in a proper way, its just go here see this see that. The highlight I guess was the issue of donation cans for this Thursdays SP donation drive 2005 in support for the president star charity. Theres even prizes for top collector.. haha why not use the money for the prizes into the donation? unless they are sponsored then.. oh well then go go peeps go collect yourself crazy. Anyway, is it kind to “ask for money” the 1st day we step into campus? haha There are 4 girls in my class & man the Male to Female ratio in the course is like 7-1 or something. WHERE ARE THE GIRLS??? anyway can’t expect much from a male-orientated engineering course. We were introduced to various places around campus to kill time, namely the gym, track, pool, library & the various sports facilities littered around campus. For me I guess I would be a frequent visitor to the gym & track, not to mention the library for afternoon naps.

CCA week is next week, considering taking up a pilot’s license by joining the youth flying club. Otherwise its either SP – Adventurers (outdoor activities club) or track & field (T&F). Ask me what I want & I would put it simply- its either I want more yea.. adrenaline pumped adventures, exotic visits & photos (SP – A) or add more & more sport medals to my collection (T&F).. mmm decisions, decisions…

Any stuffs to comment on making my decision, please do so.

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