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Outing with Primary school friends

MEGA UPDATE AHEAD! otherwise a good long read
yes, it had been almost a decade since we met. It came unexpectedly too after just using the “school search feature” on friendster one day & punk!, managed to linkup with one of my old primary school friends- Weisheng where I got to know many many more, Phua Yee Koon, Sherlyn, lynn & almost the whole class now.

So it calls for a gathering or so. With Weisheng as the organiser Few weeks in the planning & hey there we were, yesterday with about 5 ppl at pastamania for lunch at cineleisure orchard. Its not the biggest gathering to date, as soon I’ve learned many of them had met up with some other for quite sometime too while this being my first. Well.. considering that they are still western Singapore kids, while I am a central kid. Umm, so the circle & links still hovers around the western side, unlike myside where my secondary & JC one lies… & soon to be my poly circle.. DUH!

Many of them are still recognizable, very much a “select- & vertical/horizontal stretch/transformation” to what they are now, (Dang! I think I need to get away from photoshop for awhile…) otherwise facial looks are very, very much like what I still remember. The funny thing is that I’ve got alot of comments of me being more slim/toned.. oh well thats what the army can do to you!.

We ended up raiding Hereen opposite thereafter, that is after quite alot of catching up during lunch itself. It just felt that, hey it had been almost 10 years & now we are here seated together again, face to face & man I got nothing much to say cos I’ve so much to catch up on- I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO START! But we chatted.. yea & alot… it was fun. or maybe I am just living up to my past (& present) reputation of a chatterbox duo back then… Anyway I was just being myself.. chatty & stuff.. once you open up the Pandora box that is.. *wink**wink*

My best primary school pal, Daniel is in tenga airbase now, where Weisheng is vocated too as an aviation vehicle spec (aka runway resurfacing worker) he says.. haha amazing how titles can sound so impressive, but often misleading! Though I haven’t met Daniel since we graduated, he still have an impression of me, but not Weisheng! haha… poor fellow. John Chia is a popular model who I got no clue about either, you can’t even google him.. so is that considered popular? Few mirgrated/studying overseas. Connie went MIA, Junior turned lesbian (well everybody love lesbians right? including other lesbians… lol). Some went slinky to sumo sized.. Lol, interesting what catching up was there…

Finally managed to redemn my 77th street prize voucher on a new billabong sling bag for poly/college & a new 0.6L SIGG bottle to compliment my current-super-dented 1.0L one. Appiled for their membership with outstanding credits. Got 3 friendship elastic bands, yellow, black & white with “mottos” imagine (I like), hope & fun. Neato! thanks to Yee koon for the lobang at Giodano @ Taka. We all parted again later in evening, as it was mother’s day so dinners on the family…

Cheers to weisheng, yeekoon, sherlyn & junhong till our next class gathering.. cheers!

P.S oh sherlyn! can e-mail the photos you took? Thanks!


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