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Old Amercia, Canada and Mexico holiday photographs digitized!

I’ve always wanted to digitize my old holiday photos, but knowing that they are buried in storage under years of dust made it quite a turn off to do so, till now. I recently got this spanking new Canon all in one printer which allows for network scanning and printing over wireless-fidelity, so technically any PC can scan, copy and print anywhere in the house without the need of a physical cable connection or a PC always on to be a print server. It’s simply just turn on the printer then scan straightaway from any PC. So what else can I do but put it through it’s paces?

It was not an easy feat either, going through hundreds of photos yellowed out over the year, this was the best I could do to scan, crop and save each and every one of them manually before they fade into oblivion. At the same time, recapping all the old memories of my past travel trips. Recalling, Vancouver is still my most favorite spot in the world, followed by San Francisco, of course I have to also give credit to LA and the sin city of Vegas for their one of a kind attractions and world class theme parks I am always so frantic about.

My favorite of all have to be this two at Toontown, I will always go around finding this pair of dumbbells and try to lift them, I failed in 1995 in Los Angeles and still could not do so in 2000 in Japan. Maybe I need more work, yes that is the very different me 5 years apart and the latter 9 years from now.

10,000lb isn't too much!
Year 1995
5 years since my last visit to toontown & I still can't lift 10,000lbs!
Year 2000

Feel free to go through the albums, most of the America trip as done, except those in Japan and Thailand. Thailand, particularly Bangkok is one of my most frequented places, having traveled there for about 6 times to visit distant relatives before the political unrest, but ironically there are few memories and photos of my trips there as compared to the rest.




More dated and incomplete miscellaneous albums

Things are so much easier with digital cameras now. A full gallery of my trips can be found in the places gallery.



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