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Lego Mini-figures series 15 and identifying the figures

It’s time of the year again where Lego releases their hugely popular Lego mini-figure series for the 2016 New Year. These mini-figures are released twice yearly comprising of 16 unique mini-figures in blind packs. They are extremely popular among collectors and hold their value very well (even said to be a better investment than gold since 2000) given their limited runs and rarity.

lego mini fig s15 set
Series 15!
lego mini fig s15
New orange packaging
lego mini fig s15 sheet
Figure checklist

As with every series, I will write a guide to help you in identifying your figures. Here are the unique features to look for this series.

Series 15 blind pack “Feel” guide.

  1. Farmer: Long rake stick, large straw hat and pig.
  2. Satyr: Shirt flute piece and unique digitigrade leg piece.
  3. Tribal Girl: Single Infant piece with rear loop.
  4. Shark Suit Guy: Largest packet piece, large 4cm long head to tail piece.
  5. Queen: Large 4x2base dress piece. Matching to the Series 13 King mini-fig
  6. Animal Control Officer (The Skunk Catcher): Large single-piece net and Skunk mini-fig.
  7. Jewel Thief: 3 Piece grapple unit and verified by large hair piece.
  8. Dancer/Ballerina: New hard and flat tutu piece.
  9. Warrior/Winged God: Long spear piece with large armour chest piece + wings.
  10. Scary/Grim Knight: Diamond shield with a handle stud at back, chest piece not to be confused with the Winged god and Laser robot.
  11. Wrestling Champion: His trophy cup piece
  12. Awkward/Clumsy Man/ Patient: One of the two unique clutches.
  13. Kendo Fighter: Two swords, verified by a large face mask.
  14. Astronaut: Oxygen tank back unit verified by flag.
  15. Laser Robot: Winged Robot: Large winged chest piece and laser sword (Unique 2 colour single piece).
  16. Janitor: Long stick piece and mop head.

If you are looking to get a full box, you will get 3 copies of the following: Farmer, Animal Control Officer, Scary/Grim Knight, Ballerina, Winged Robot Warrior, Native American Woman, Jewel Thief, and Queen.

There will be 4 copies each of the Winged God, Wrestling Champion, Janitor, and Astronaut.

Lastly, you will get 5 copies each of the Patient, Left Shark, and Faun in the box too.

Currently, the most popular figures are the Left Shark and Grim Knight, run through several Lego stores and Toys-R-Us always seem to yield an absence of these figures. The adorable Left shark is also my favourite figure of the series. Happy lego-hunting!


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