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Lego Halloween Mini figures Series 14- Identifying the blind packs

This month saw the launch of the 14th series of the highly collectible Lego Mini Figures (minifig). With each series, you get 16 unique figures following a specific theme, with the last one being the second series of the Simpsons minifig line. The figures are sold through stand up boxes containing 60 mini figures each, where there will be at least 3 of each mini figure in each box. The remainder 12 are randomized with some common ones having up to 5 pieces per box. Each mini figure retails in blind packs at $4.90 on launch and usually cost alot more after the limited series had been sold-out/no longer in production.

mini fig s14 figs
The minifigs!
mini fig s14
Whole series lineup

Series 14 is identifiable by their black packaging, if you can have a go at feeling the blind packs before buying, here are tips and unique identifiers of how to bag the mini-figure you are looking for to complete your Series 14 collection. Do note that bump codes (i.e. unique identification dots at the base of the pack) does not work for the packs sold in the SEA region and Singapore at least. Bump codes used to be clearer for the earlier series but are much harder and unreliable to read now.

Unique identification features on the pack of each figure in the blind packs to look out for all regions, with reference to the whole series lineup image above.

  1. Werewolf– The long bone (symmetrical on both ends, not to be confused with Frankenstein guitar).
  2. Pirate– Sword and the unique stick legpiece (quite abundant).
  3. Mad scientist– The conical flask and long cylinder head piece (quite abundant).
  4. Witch– The cat and long broom stick with mass at one end.
  5. Plant man– The largest and most bulky packet- Plant headpiece, verified with 2 soft/squishy tentacles.
  6. Flyman– Squishy wings with rounded edges, and head piece connected with two flexible antennas, verified with body with a larger left claw.
  7. Ghoul– Large mushroom-shaped headpiece and no leg piece (pretty hard to identify).
  8. Zombie girl– Round pom poms, verified by hair headpiece, and absence of legpiece.
  9. Cat girl– Long flexible whip, verified by her hairpiece.
  10. Gargoyle– Only mini-fig with short leg piece, large squishy wing piece with sharp edges (feels similar to the flyman and not to be confused with the Ghoul headpiece).
  11. Skeleton– The jack o-lantern with handle.
  12. Frankenstein– Unique hair piece and long stick guitar with stub at the end (not to be confused by the werewolf bone).
  13. Zombie man– Briefcase with handle and 2×2 newspaper flat piece.
  14. Siren– Unique leg piece and bumpy/raspy hair and no leg piece (pretty hard to identify).
  15. Yeti/Bigfoot– Large “nut shaped” headpiece and camera with a front cylinder.
  16. Spider girl– Her triangular skirt, verified by the spider.

Happy collecting!


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