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JC class outing

Didn’t know the outing today is so widely known, with all the SMSes flying around, its sure hard to miss that. But in the end only 6 people went and yea, we met many others while we are out too, mainly NS and old school friends. It was rather enjoyable and we can’t wait for the next meet again.

And so, the day started with a wake up at about 9am. Got my dad to fetch me to Beach road to get some equipment at the army market. Namely a new L-torch, sonic wave mosquito repellant, some buckles just to name a few. And so the house needs a new hall light? Dang! it was my dad idea anyway… and he had to drag me to Sungei road to get some new fluorescent lamps, making me late for my “meet” in the process. “on the way” he said…

So theres Geoffery, Shup (da birthday gal), Zongjie, Julia and her bf for the outing many said they won’t come many didn’t turned up either. Dropped Nooch noodle bar for lunch and kinda like wasted the afternoon there chatting till 5pm+ can’t help it as we had not end in bout 8 months! No time for a movie? well so theres Super funworld arcade at Marina with Nameco’s Time crises 2, 3, Konami’s World of combat and lot of DDR too. Bowled one group round at superbowl “just for fun” you can guess how bad everyone’s scores are.

Its also one trip where the Safra club discount card suddenly made itself indispensable, with discounts mainly flying off mostly at anderson’s icecream stands…. ice cream obsession or deprivation? well… what the heck!

Lastly, what outing is complete without a dropby Suntec City. Super crowded as usual and the place where people always use fountains as performance stages… Had dinner at the fountain terrace’s Slizzer, (aka Ponderosa number 2) and their Ice cream machine is malfunctioning! dang it, luckily for anderson’s… Got a new issue of PC extreme magazine for some in camp entertainment next week. For now…

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