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It’s the end of the exams!

Cambridge Corpus college

Looking back over my blogging absence (and my backlog of blog draft which I never see myself getting typed out for publishing), yes alot had happened. Exams literally kept me in the library nearly 18 hours a day studying. Before that, May was a month full of events and birthdays & I was literally in London almost every other week.

So that might possibly be the reasons for the long lack of updates here. Seems the opportunity cost to blog got the better of me. Somehow, to make matters worst, I’ve caught on the Dr Who bug as well, not quite a particularly good time to start on a habit 2 weeks before the exams.

And yes I will be back in Singapore on the 22th June, with my flight planned on the 21st June. I do hope that the rush of humidity and tropics don’t catch me by too much of a surprise then, as I am starting to get real adapted to the temperate climate here.

More to come.


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