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Starwars Episode III

And so like a jigsaw piece placed to complete the Starwars puzzle. Caught Episode III before opening day (today) at cineleisure orchard’s SW EIII premiere screening. My free tickets come with free combo sets which include 2 large drinks & a large popcorn.. whee! Anyway, with 4 theaters screening the movie simultaneously, free-seating is offered on a first come first served basis, something we didn’t know as seats are allocated on our tickets. So our good seats C row are all snapped up. Sat on the first 3 rows in the end, but otherwise a good center seat. Anyway the cinema was too small to have the “screen closeup neckache” anyway.

Overall the show is a helfy 2hours 30mins. The thing is that yea, we all know that the movie is CG assisted. But hey I didn’t expect lucas arts to use CG in almost EVERY SCENE in the movie, very intensive. Just imagine how much they can cut movie production costs by by sticking to CG instead of building expensive full-sized movie props & puppets used in earlier SW episodes. Wheres the old magic lucas? Anyway the CG is good. Otherwise too, in future movies to come, expect computer generated scenes to rear its head as the norm in almost all aspects now. Enjoy!

Full CG environments
Full CG environments
Anakin & Obi-wan fight scene
Anakin & Obi-wan fight scene
Darth Vader in making
Darth Vader in the making

May the force be with you.

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