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Radio Talk, Rod Monteiro’s ‘Good Service’ segment in Radio 91.3FM

I remembered going out for run few month ago always listening to my “favourite” radio station Class 95FM, well so as it was. I don’t know why it’s labelled ‘Singapore’s favourite English radio station’ but I just always felt that something was missing in the shows they have. Then it finally struck me “why am I always toturing myself listening to ads?” I didn’t come to realise it then till I actually counted the number of songs played within the peak hour 6-7pm show- the time which I usually do my evening Tanglin runs as well. On average only 4 songs are played in the one hour block, the rest of it was news, traffic reports, endless DJ chatting and of course Ads- lots and lots of them chain to chain, back to back.

The Married Man show Rod Monteiro & Suzanne from 91.3FM

I guess I regularly “outgrow” radio stations, 98.7FM was one of my favourite stations during my teen years, till like Jamie and Sheikh Haikel spoiled it (with some DJs fired in the process). Jeremy Ratnam was one of the few professional original DJs I respected in Power 98FM, so is my all time favorite and funnyman Rod’ Montero from Class95. The interesting thing is that they’ve left all their previous stations and one by one they are all in 91.3FM now!

I always labelled 91.3FM as a good source of trance/house music, which they primarily catered for when they came into the scene as a newbie not many years ago, but things are definitely looking really bright for the SPH Works Radio station. Pity MediaCorp Radio never saw the light into listening to their listeners as much as their advertisers.

91.3FM is the way to go now- With their guarantee: “No more than 2 ads in a row” and they really mean it! What’s more SMS dedications are FREE too! After listening to few of their shows, the fusion of the few best DJs in Singapore in this very promising station will see the funny fusion of certain shows “kaputted” from their previous stations into their current show, namely Rod’s Good Service’ segment and even the regular funny caller Raju is on 91.3FM as well too. It’s interesting to hear the rather abrupt pause sometimes the newly transplanted DJs have when they say the station names “always on 95ummm 91.3FM!”

91.3FM yea man, my new favorite station!


  1. Hey Rod Monteiro!!!!!!!Do You Know Me!!!!!!!Im Haarisha!!!Kishor’s Elder Daughter!!!!!Remember We took a Picture In The Sabaru Thing!!!!!!I Read You Blog N Its Very Interesting!!!!!!From Class 95 to 91.3Fm!!Hmm!!!!!Interreting!!!!Ok Go To Go!!!Enjoy Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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