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Cathing up on ‘ol 80s Cartoon series – Starcom

Starcom Cartoon 80s Series

Shown during 1987 to 1988, those who grew up in the 80s definitely is no stranger to this cartoon. I was a great fan of this show and I remembered always taping down my favorite shows on the VCR and not missing every episode when I was a kid, this one is no exception. It’s a story of 3 space commanders and their mission to serve and protect the good against the evil. Looking back and remembering all thse old shows you’ve grown up with makes you wonder of the long way you had came.

The thing is that most of my cartoon VHS collection is mostly moldy (after like 20 years?) and very much unwatchable till I get my VCR and tape cleaner in place. Then I stumbled upon a stray link once on youtube recently online and to my amazement they have a whole archive of videos of the whole series online as well. Then it’s like hey let junk that and watch it here!

Here is the intro of the show, to those who want a memory recall of the show:

O’ the nostalgia! Though the series was a short 13 episodes, it definitely felt like years back then being shown once a week.

Somehow it seems that kids born in the newer “90s” generation have no clue about this show who grew up mostly in the laughingly “head shaking” Power Rangers and teletubbies era. Even with dumb no brainer shows such as cow and chicken, it makes you wonder about the essence lost in modern cartoon these days, especially on the storyline part. Too bad they don’t make cool cartoons like this anymore.

The quality of the art for this 80s cartoon is still largely incredible, even in the current age of vivid art or the age of ga-zillion polygon rendered 3D shows. I have compiled some links on youtube for the first episode of the series if may: Episode 1 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 you can access following episodes by checking the related videos section.

The Toys
Moreover, the toys of the series are still one of the best I’ve ever seen since I was a kid- with motorised battery less parts and modular designs with magnets, man those toys really rock and were the best it’s time man- These are the next best toys I’ve owned from a cartoon besides MASK vehicles, let be Lego!

I remembered having one of these Starcom Starmax bomber toys (below), together with a few more land vehicles and a HQ base playset almost 20 years ago, only that I think it’s somewhere in storage and possibilities missing quite a few parts, but their iconic Starcom magnetic figurines are rather lasting- I still have them stuck on my kitchen fridge for years and they are still in very good shape!

If I have the time, I will definitely find some time getting in check with these old cartoons. Somehow these cartoons have quite a kick in them- they are not exactly “childish” and actually have some terms which require some thinking. Re-watching the series now do really allow you to catch everything you all naively missed or didn’t catch as a kid back then, especially if all you do back then is go crazy about space shuttles and the toys.

Looking back here are some nice old cartoons worth catching up on, besides Ninja turtles and Transformers where most people (besides those who only heard of it for the first time only on the movies over the last few years) could have already watched it.



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