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Safra automated membership stole my service pay!

This is some quite dated news, but since most guys who gone through NS in Singapore will more or less be a Safra member, so I will just share it here. They sent me a letter early this year telling me to renew my membership, so as with most club memberships or magazines, when you never respond or send a renewal notice, it will be assumed that you do not wish to continue on with the subscription anymore, which I did as I will not be in Singapore so often this year.

But to my dismay upon receiving my NS pay for my IPPT award last month, the pay got a chunk of the pay deducted for no apparent reason. I searched around their site for any possible subscriptions or memberships they signed up for (knowing our NS system is give you $100, take back $99) but there wasn’t anything I was signed up for. I called up the NS.sg pay department about the issue and they told me that they acknowledged the deduction for my Safra membership this year (which I didn’t apply or renew either) and they will follow up and refer the case to Safra membership department.

So Safra followed followed on that and called me up about 2 days later telling me about the issue. Ironically too, they choose to renew my membership right after their 5% membership fees hike. But I didn’t told them I wanted to carry on, so they should not assume and act on it. Then they placed the blame me, saying that I allowed them to make auto deductions. I mean who knows whether they’ve checked or know about the automatic renewal thing when we registered almost more than 5 years ago while still serving as an NSF? Should not just assume and just quietly do their takings. That is not the way to do business taking membership deductions without people’s approval.

They agreed in the end to give a refund only when I write in personally to them on it, oh the hassle. NS.sg should have an online facility to allow users to manage all their subscriptions, like the pioneer, NCO/officer clubs as well as Safra memberships from there. Man will they see a big drop in memberships when that comes up!


    • Darn yea, the safra membership is only the thing I did not cancel after I ORD, except mainly insurance stuffs with the NTUC and Aviva which I recalled I signed up from the salemans “aka the major” who goes all round camps to promote his packages and always reusing jokes of how stupid people from commandos are, come to think about it, those things they tell you to sign up in the army is such a waste of our service pay.

      you gettin on better after your accident? how things?


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