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Are you really open-minded?

This is a very interesting video on open/closed mindedness. So if you always go around telling people they are closed minded or telling people to be more open minded, you should watch this.


  1. Hi Shawn,

    I visited your website 2-3 years ago and emailed you about how great your website design is, not sure if you still remember me. Back then, I remember reading the post about you choosing to go to polytechnic instead of spending a lot of money on the overseas unis due to your A-level results. During these 2 years, I forgot all about your blog somehow, and amazingly, now I stumbled upon it again. It is very heartening to see what you have achieved in all areas of your life today. Congratulations! What surprised me is how when I read back your old blog entry, you were just satisfied to get into local uni after poly, but now, it seemed to me that for the past few years, you have been working like mad to achieve success in what you do, even getting a scholarship to study in a top UK university. I’m just blown away. Can you tell me how you changed yourself and achieved so many things today for what you have and how come the results doesn’t seem to be what you aimed for in the beginning of your poly year? If you were just aiming for local university, I doubt you will be getting a GPA of 4.0 right? Hope I’m not surprising you with this post. I know how you felt when you get rejection letters from the local unis. Until now, I have not gotten an acceptance letter. Still waiting for this year’s, but doubt it will be accepted because it is so late already.

    • Hi Ivan, surprised to find a long time reader like you here, cheers! yea, I guess if you read all my previous blog entries, you can feel that I have a particular stand against our local Us in their way of selecting applicants. They are quite rigid in nature and having been rejected from them for 3 consecutive years with appeal (which is no easy feat either), even so, I won’t feel obligated, or comfortable to study there either.

      I never saw myself in this unreal position of being through both “hell” and “heaven”- with those who rejected me in the past years come crawling back to “sell” their university and scholarships back to you, it’s creepy and a almost like a typical case of jackal and hyde.

      Frankly I know many who had been through rejection and didn’t see much of the light at the end of the day, but I admire those who keep trying, and I can’t always emphasize this. I always get quite a number of emails from students rejected at this time of the year asking what they should do, or what are their options, that is why I always try to help any applicants with their options after being rejected by our local U- it’s not always the end.

      Though I not in a position to brag about what I am or what I think I can achieve now, all I can say is that life is just like a movie, you always get another take at it, and you can achieve actually anything if you put yourself up to it.

      All the best in your application, from what I know now, most applicants are getting their results at this time, let be the thick acceptance envelope or the thin- you know what letter.


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