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A rather “perfect” weekend

Got one of my coursemates, John to give me a lift in his dad’s car to clementi MRT station after booking out from camp yesterday, after some tough training. There was one group who initially wanted a junk food junk-out after losing considerable glucose levels during yesterday morning’s power training. But it was all turned down due to last minute plans. It had been sometime since I’ve been to Clementi central wither and a memorable one I say, since my primary school days. After exploring around I guess what Clementi needs are more stationary stores as getting paint markers was really a pain- part of the dumb army stores to get by monday, lucky I had a few more buddies getting stuffs for my concurrently at beach road, thank goodness for that, it not I wouldn’t have much a weekend. Had lunch at a coffee shop there, never felt so “independent” before (as my parents are overseas and sis on a school camp), but hey at this price, freedom comes into play. *grins*. And so the rampage shopping after that, my memory didn’t failed me and 147 was the bus to take from clementi central to chinatown, people’s park complex where I got my GameBoy Advanced SP for bargain at $140 plus a hardcase. The games on the otherhand are expensive, setting me back a further considerable amount, but hey payday was past few days ago, no grumps…

I had not been to the Chinatown, The Majestic before, which was used to be a old chinese theater which was refurbished into a small shopping center. Hopped down to the popular bookstore there at the topmost level for some browsing. But bleah! almost half of the books there are all chinese books, but I could comment on the rather nice redwood theming of the store, very cozy indeed. The new UK robot magazine series kinda caught my eye, and it had been sometime since I collected or even seen such book/magazine series I last collected e.gBugs, Takeoff, etc… oh well, for $5 as a introductory first issue, it was simply up to be grabbed…. by me.

Reached home at bout 5pm. Phew! finally found some relaxation after finally getting hold of paint markers at BM central and urghh! doing the laundry at home. Dinner at 162 family restaurant was on later in the evening as cooking at home didn’t even crossed my mind and some hopeful, last minute shopping was planned thereafter. The funny thing was that everything seemed perfect as everything was there when I wanted it to be- shops are opened even when it past closing time and stores which I didn’t expect to sell stuff I want, have them… very weird feelin indeed… but it most importantly got the job done and didn’t give me headaches which I was expecting either.

It was a rather eventful saturday, sunday is a day I which I plan to slack at home and rest as I guess those muscle aches would start coming in then.. but ackk! look I spent $350 in 6 hours!

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