😎 Its a nice sunny sunday, a perfect time to spend some time in front of the computer typing my blog… & bitchin’ about stuffs & such… oh yea let me touch on some happenings for the past week…

Last week saw the first time myself condcting a saw lesson (got it?). Yes I saw myself conducting a Section Automatic Weapon (SAW) training package. Kinda weird for specialist to do such a job, considering this being an officer’s job, we were are short of such carbon-based walking entities in our unit anyway… I guess us specialists are just the more experienced bunch compared to our officers presently. Overall conducting was relatively easy & cool headed, I don’t see myself having a problem talking in front & organising my minons to teach 30+ odd people how to use, load/unload, strip/assemble an object built to kill & dismember people beyond recognition, but hey its the army anyway… Talking about developing lecturing skills: this is something which I never see myself able to do few years back- I was just a stage fright freak. But not now…

😥 Received a letter from SPH yesterday congratulating me on my 3rd place winning on the graffiti artwork competition, big deal. I was aiming for at least 2nd place, with a nokia 7260 for tops, not to mention a 40GB apple ipod photo for 1st place. All I get is a dinky $150 77th street shopping voucher. Third best in Singapore? I SUX! The worst thing is that I gotta collect it personally with identification, fingerprint/voice/iris scans, (just kidding) before 4th Feb during office hours on weekdays. HOW the HECK am I gonna do that when I am in CAMP?

And yea, my name & NRIC displayed in all its humiliating glory, check out the front page of yesterday’s Straits Time classified (22th Jan 05) argh!

On a light note, my calculated my BMI today, a healthy 21 they say?



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