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Shaun’s Technology Predictions in 5 years time

Had sometime, so I guess I got kinda carried away typing up a “short post” on technology changes I would expect in years to come, the end result is this post.

Looking back, technology had really progressed amazingly fast over the years, not to mention price downs as well. I still remembered having paid $75 for a 4MB memory stick back in 2000, the equivilant for that price now is a 4GB SD card or 1000 times the storage capacity. Man! technology now, tomorrow’s old. With that I here is my predictions for technology in Singapore in about 5 years time:

Lifestyle Changes, Trends & Gadgetery specifics

  • Infra-red protocol will replaced mainstream by wireless Bluetooth protocols hitting at least 1Mbps
  • USB charging will be the mainstream format for consumer gadgets
  • Most households can have the option for additonal 2 USB ports per power socket for charging purposes
  • 10 Megapixel camera phones will be the norm, on top of 20MP Digital cameras with HD Video recording norm
  • The fine line between MP3 Players, PDAs & Ultra-portable PCs (UMPCs) will fade. In preference for All-In-One computing ultraportables
  • Petrol Kiosks will have Hybrid car replaceable batteries as standard & so are selected LPG topup hotspots
  • People will start being arrested for trying to use their Stove LPGs to power their Natural Gas Cars
  • Your air-conditional, stove, blender or even toaster may come Wi-fi “ready/enabled” and able to be remote controlled globally
  • LCD screens will be so cheap to produce, its cheaper than their CRT counterparts (as presently) & will be used in many structural aspects from static, bus to taxi advertising
  • OLED/OLCD & Hi-Colour 64-bit LCDS will take the new luxury center stage as Plasmas/LCDs today.
  • >200″ LCD screen manufactured (100″ Current) used in low power immersive billboards/projector alternative
  • Digital Wi-Fi radio will start forming its root on the Wi-Max network, with radio stations named after their ip address (e.g Power Radio 202.14.168) instead of the frequencies (e.g 91.3FM)
  • Car radios, Hi-Fi sets and radios will have media card slots as norm.

Mobile Devices

  • Your phone can have 1 ringtone for GSM calls, 1 for SMS, 1 for VoIP, 1 for Email, 1 for MSN & 1 for Bluetooth device discovery
  • Fixed Line phones & GSM will be phased out in cities using Wi-Max in favour of VoIP (2010 islandwide Wi-fi)
  • VoIP is preferred over GSM, with more multimedia capabilities and lower subscription costs.
  • You handphone will have as much processing power than your PC now
  • Handphones have subwoofers built-in
  • Bluetooth stereo headphones, mics hits mainstream


  • Record companies start selling CDs and DVD in smaller flash media (e.g SD cards) with copyright hardware protection
  • Classic Full Size Memory Formats (e.g full sized SD, MS stick, etc) will be phased in preference for the smaller format which is the norm.
  • Mainstream consumer flash memory cards hits at least 32-64GB regions for CF (first) & SDHC ranges
  • Tape & DVD based video camcorders will suffer the same fate as film based ones, in favour for onboard harddisks/flash memory/removable memory, etc
  • Harddisks reach 2TB in size with 32MB Cache
  • 500GB SolidState harddrives released

Computer hardware

  • 1st 100% Flash based mainstream laptop launched with 128GB flash harddrive offering instant on/boot.
  • You can power your portable devices using water
  • Standalone Laptop battery life hits the 24hour mark
  • There will be a new DIY market for notebooks (barebooks) as notebook becomes more modular.
  • Desktop single card Quad/Oct GPUs will be favoured over physical Dual/Quad SLI graphics solutions.
  • Graphics Memory capacity Hits 4GB as standard with 64-bit processors mainstream
  • 8-16 core CPUs will be mainstream with memory speeds hitting at least 2Ghz – 3Ghz, processors at least 5Ghz with more thermal & calculative efficiencies per watt & gigahertz.
  • Mice will have as much optical/laser resolution & tracking accuracy as a 10 Megapixel DSLR Today.
  • Multifunction scan/copy/print printers will take the norm stage, standalone scanners faced out.
  • The standard household printer can print photographs as fine as any high-quality photo lab currently.
  • “Backlight Kits” will be offered mainstream to consumers who wants to replace their LCD backlights >50,000hrs
  • 64-bit computing is the norm accepted standard

Woot that’s alot of technology for one day, hold it cowboy!


    • Lol, yupyup, dang after I got the list done, guess what 400GB solid state harddrives are already out, together with 32GB SDHC cards, dang! I think my predictions are alittle “old” already!

      Nevertheless thanks!

  1. Hi Shaun,

    You will probably be shock to hear this.. I just came back from ShenZhen.. and they are offering 128GB memory stick at SGD50 a piece. You prediction is REAL! I believe these cool memory giants are not offered now because they could possibly wipe off the huge portable harddisk market immediately.. but I dun think they could hold off such cool stuff for long.


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