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Qiao Xing Mobile Communication CECT W100 Camera Watch Phone

CECT W100 Camera Wrist Phone with bluetooth

Just like what Dick Tracy had with that funky watch, only better! Qiao Xing Mobile Communication, one of China’s leading domestic manufacturers of mobile handsets which operates its business primarily through its subsidiary, CEC Telecom Co. Ltd. announced the launch of one of the Company’s most innovative products to date, the W100 Wrist Watch phone.

Mobile Phone Watch with Camera
The Xing Mobile W100 Believed to be First wrist watch phone with build-in digital camera in China. The Wrist Watch Mobile Phone will appear in stores in mid-September. The Company plans to introduce TV infomercials to help market and sell the product. The W100 Wrist watch mobile phone with build-in 2MP digital camera comes in 7 colors that will allow it to fit the tastes of a wide variety of users.

According to Mr. Wu Zhi Yang, Chairman of QXM, “We are extremely excited by this product, which represents the culmination of many months of hard work and the close and successful collaboration among our marketing, sales and product development teams. Given the truly unique features of this phone, we think it will not only see favorable reception in the market, but we also believe that it could help enhance the overall recognition of our brand in China.”

W100 Wrist Watch Mobile Phone features

  • 65k TFT-LCD touch screen
  • 1GB T-flash extendable memory
  • Multi-media and connectivity features, including MP3, MPEG4
  • Instant messaging
  • Surround sound
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio
  • 2.0 megapixel digital camera
  • 7 Colorful designs

It will be available for order in few months time, I doubt we can get our hands on this in Singapore though.


  1. In Arabic :

    أريد شراء مثل تلك الساعة \حمراء- 2MP \ لكنني لاأعلم كيف هي طريقة دفع ثمنها ولأنني لايوجد عندي حساب مصرفي خارجي — أي خارج الجمهورية العربية السورية ولكوني أريد شرائها بالتقسيط ان امكن ذلك — أريد منكم أ ن ترسلوها الى أقرب وكيل معتمد لديكم أو مصدر موثوق عندكم

    ولكم منا جزيل الشكر : محمد أديب وجوخ

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    p.sMost of the ones you see on ebay are knockoffs our company has shut there manufacturing plant down..for copyright infringement


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