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Last Semester Paper, Benq-Siemens p51

Lessons, lessons

Wahhaah still have one paper to go on friday & already in holiday mood. Haiz haiz must restraint, RESTRAINT! Only few more days, put in the effort for the last Thermofluids II paper & whoa! Then the holiday anvil can come lose on me full time anytime.

Moreover, though I find the Thermofluids kinda dry & boring it’s our lecturer Mr Pawa which makes the lessons very interesting, if it’s not his open nature for exam consultation, its his astonishing relation of our dirt dry lecture notes to practical real-life aspects. Not to mention his professionalism in teaching, just such of the very few rare lecturer breeds I came across in my course of Mechanical study. Simply just motivates you to score & ‘A’ grade just not for yourself, but also for who your teacher is. *Locks self to room & devour more dual combustion & rankine cycle theory*

Gadget Talk
Nevertheless, almost put aside my quest for the perfect phone as there seem to be no puurfect phone around, even the Sony Ericsson P990i & Dopod 838 Pro don’t appeal to me, just when I thought I have to survive with a dinky Nokia 7250i for months to come, the BenQ-Siemens P51 came along:

Benq Siemens p51 phone
Benq Siemens p51 Side
Benq Siemens p51 Camera
The Benq-Siemens p51 specifications

  • GSM (850/900/1800/1900 mhz) & GPRS (No UTMS)
  • WM 5.0 OS Phone Edition (With AKU2 Push E-mail)
  • 2,83″ TFT QVGA display (240×320 pixels @ 65k colors)
  • 1.3MP camera with flash
  • 128mb RAM & 128 ROM
  • QWERTY- Keyboard
  • GPS-module SiRF Star III
  • FM Radio (Unheard, but stated on offical website)
  • Bluetooth (Version not stated yet)
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), Bluetooth & USB
  • 2.5mm Audio Jack (yea!)
  • Full Sized SDIO/MMC card slot (yea!)
  • SMS, MMS & E-mail
  • USB Sync & Charging
  • Li-Ion battery with 1370 ma/h capacity
  • 240 minutes (4hrs) talk time
  • 150 hours stand by
  • 122х60х20 mm
  • 170 grams

It seems to have everything I need, well for at least about 2 years ahead. Till it starts giving the usual glitches & battery wear. Till then, I don’t really need 3G UTMS as firstly its too expensive, secondly it’s a battery drain & thirdly even if I have one, who am I gonna video call? Almost anyone I know who own 3G phones presently still run their 2.5G SIM cards internal & amazingly it’s a norm here in Singapore. Even those with 3G sims hardly use UTMS & definitely they won’t wanna run unnecessary 3G video calls either.

Benq Siemens p51 GPS Reciever
Benq Siemens p51 SDIO/MMC Slot
Benq Siemens p51 Keyboard

Camera-wise, since I use my phone camera mainly for web-based photoblogging for the site, 1.3MP is more than enough for me, though 2MP is the norm now. In fact I will most probably see myself shooting Max quality VGA (640×480) most of the time.

The 2.5mm stereo jack problem could be easily settled with an adapter for 3.5mm headphones, which can be found in many SimLim audio shops & its beats attaching an adapter found in many phones extending the device length by inches at ago. Otherwise, the FM radio function is very much unconfirmed on various mobile review sites, except being briefly mentioned on the official site itself (which do not seem credible at this moment of time). The GPS function is definitely cool for driving & in my annual adventure races, not to mention having to carry only one device for photos, PDA & phone for trips (contrary to 2 devices I carry everyday now).

Full-sized SD slot allows me to use large capacity & cheaper 4GB cards for large GPS maps & music/videos. Just throw in USB host support to top it up & it can just hit the sweet spot just great. Expect it to cost around $800SGD & below it being a GSM quad-band only phone, so prices will definitely be lower.

Benq-Siemens p51 Official Site



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