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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Digital Cable

💡 The cable guy came by to install the new digital set-top box this evening as my sis wanted some new additional animax cable channel, only supported by digital cable. So starhub offered to swap our old cable box for a digital one. Spotting a contemporary silver/black look in place of our old cable set top box, which had been with the family loyally for almost god know when! 7 years or so? Its the 1st generation Texas instrument cable box spotting a black blocky shape with only a 2 digit red LCD screen showing the selected channel, no clock or so! even the SCV logo is still on. Old yet reliable, sad to see it being swapped for.. eww new technology…

I didn’t really got into the hype of digital cable yet, but it looks loaded compared to old analog cable. Compable to that of computers. Some features include allow real time viewing & selection of 16 channels at once, a more user friendly program guide, a games network, chat & messaging area & a niffy ability to remind you of favorite programs starting based on your saved prefs. It can even get filmware updates automatically from the network! cool.

I have a dental appointment on for my wisdom tooth tomorrow morning, hope I don’t need an extraction like last time…


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