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SCM 06 Timings and Results Out

:mrgreen: The Standard Chartered Marathon results & timings are out on runpix.com.
And check out the headlines on the Straits times today, the Marathon Tire Lady is on it! Whoa!

Shaun’s SCM 06 results:
Overall Result: 1761st of 7214 who finished (top 24th percentile with 5453 finishers behind)

Gender Placing: 1580th (top 25th percentile with 4745 finishers behind)

Age Division (20-24): 251st (top 17% percentile with 1193 finishers behind

Finish Guntime: 4:48 / Chiptime: 4:43.44
(Including 4mins to cross startline, 1 toilet break & chat at SGrunners support booth)

Event average time: 5:29.21

Average Pace per km: 6mins 43secs (8.9km/hr)

Section KPH:

1~10km: 8.6km/hr
11~20km: 9.1km/hr
21~30km: 8.9km/hr
30~FIN: 8.9km/hr

😯 Was at the 20km mark when the race winner finished, was at the 22km mark when the female winner finished.

My Millage for the last week (7 day period 27th Nov-3th Dec)
Marathon pacing – 10km – Tuesday
Standard Chartered Marathon 2006 – 42.195km – Sunday
Total Millage for week = 52.195km (173.9% of 30km/week target met)

Miscellaneous laughter:

Saudi Road Skating
Maybe a call for the lack of ice skating rinks, not to mention inline skates – a couple of Saudi Arabian guys in sandals skate down the highway while holding on to a speeding car. This is totally insane. Click “More” to load the video:


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