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Running and sports, an advertised healthy way of life

I can’t help noticing some new advertisements we are seeing around our bus stops lately, particularly those typically up on signboards by JC decaux which seems to litter all round the areas where I do my evening runs. It’s seems that the health promotion board is selling sports as a great way for both young and old to get their assess off the couches and workstations and out there to sweat it out, so as to interact and relieve stress as sated.

Speaking from my experiences, running is a indeed very good way to relieve work after a hard day, not to mention a good time to reflect on the day and prepare for the next. Nothing can beat a short 10km one after work and back home in time for Dinner. Well I guess it’s time people here discover the healthy way to end the work day as well.

Currently my runs planned for the year so far will be the New Balance Realrun 2008, Safra Sheares Bridge Run 2008 and nope me ain’t running the Wave run this year. I am sure there are quite a few runners out there I know who are planning on boycotting the wave run this year, and we saw that with the low attendance for this year’s Mt Faber run as well. But on the contrary, the recent Mt Faber run is a good one by VGO (so with the last), so we can take the Mt Faber and Wave run are independent events, despite being jointly organized by the same company. So do go ahead and participate in the Wave Run if you are intending to give them a second chance.

Been sticking to runs at most 12km for awhile, besides gym sessions. I will give the Singapore marathon this year a miss in preparation for next year’s London Marathon when I am up in the UK, thats where I will start bumping my my distances and hitting 1000km/year like what I did for 2007.

Running Mileage for the week
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 12.29km – Monday
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training – Tuesday
Total Mileage for week: 12.29km
Total 2008 Accumulative Mileage: 149.27km

Current Body Fat%: 11.4%
Body Water%: 64.6%



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