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Prep for Sheares Bridge run/AHM 2005

Sheres bridge run 2005

Today saw a 2.4km time trail for training, after some drills & foot work training. We even got the opportunity to run with our seniors taking the NAPFA test. Though the track team kinda finished even before 20% of the Napfa testees completed… no we are not fast, they are just slow. Clocked in at a disappointing 10:43, one of my personal worst, can’t expect much after a long 4 straight hours computer- aided- design (CAD) class I’ve just before. Didn’t even get to hydrate my usual 3L of water an hour before training… sad.. tests, exams, all eating into every aspects of life now… even training… must relax.. relax.. go run…

For the sheares bridge cum AHM 05 this sunday, been carbo loading since last sunday, eating at least portions for 2 persons every meal then. Like a plate of mixed vege rice (2meats, 2 veg) with a $4.50 chicken chop, chrysanthemum & soyabean bean drink plus a bowl of beancurd desert for dinner today. Expensive.. but I got to ensure optimum salt & glucose levels to prevent over hydration on the event, my worst fear. As I just like to overhydrate. & hey, the number tags this year have some radar thingies similar to our all familar race chips, no more mid-race tag tear outs like last year!

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  1. haha partly because I just like to eat alot… few hours after a meal I would usually find myself munching on something else already! 😳 (or maybe an excuse to eat more)

    yea, man thanks alot! see you there too! I believe the SG runners will be at the fountain pre-race.


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