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Mizuno Creation 8 – Heavy! Considering Polar RS400SD

Did another short 15km run yesterday evening with my old Asics DS trainers. This time it actually felt easier to run with the lighter shoes- the Mizuno is too packed with so much technology inside it simply just too heavy for running (>more than 300g). True the Mizuno have much better cushioning than my almost- disfunct DS trainers, but frankly I didn’t tire out as much as I did on last Wednesday’s run on the same route.

Now I am coming to realize why I felt so tried on the legs so prematurely on my half marathon few weeks ago. I am having second thoughts of wearing the Creation 8 for my year end marathon… or should I stick to my old trusty trainers for just one more marathon? Well it did serve me well for my last year’s marathon but I wonder is it still up to the job, having clocked about 1000km under it’s belt already.

Gadgets ahoy!
The holidays are drawing to an end at the blink of an eye, with only 2 weeks left. If it’s not 3 more days till the release of last semester’s results which is borging me out (man! and I never thought that day will ever come so soon) it’s my current home fixed like phone line is getting stuck and engaged everytime since I extended my internet broadband contract.

Moreover, yes you should know that I am living my days now without a proper watch, or simply say just strapping on anything I can find around the house which looks like a watch and can go on my wrist. I found one of my old Casio digital watches, Baby-G and G-shock I used since primary school, (yea plain good old Japanese technology). Only that the one I wore for my morning swim today not only tells time but acts as an airplane horizon gauge thereafter with it’s watch face half-filled with water!

Polar RS400sd Running Computer

I would be setting my sights forward for a watch by Polar, namely the RS400SD running computer and mainly as I need a form of distance measurements for my runs.

It costs about $715 on a standard detail price in Singapore and about $550-$600 (plus taxes) if I get it from Amazon.com through VpostUSA. Noticeably, Polar’s warranty is international and contrary to worries of Polar Singapore not accepting warranty repairs from watches purchased overseas, I’ve heard of runners having free repairs locally even they’ve brought their Polar Watches from US. So that may just justify the option to get it out of the country. The RS800SD is just too expensive for me at $900+ whats more, the black RS400SD looks way better than the RS800 with the black face and finishing, or maybe it’s just me towards black or darker coloured watches or gadgets. Along that line, that is also on of the reasons why I am getting the Nokia N95 8GB Black as my next phone as well (damn impulses!).

The NewBalanace realrun always have polar as a sponsor for the events, so I would be looking forward to the Polar discount voucher included in the goodie bag which I would actually utilise use this time round.

Running Mileage for the week
Redhill/Tanglin Alexandra Canal Route: 15.1km (WC8) – Wednesday
Redhill/Tanglin Alexandra Canal Route: 15.1km – Saturday
32 Laps Continuous Swim – Sunday
Total Mileage for week: 30.2km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 681.35km


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