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Exams coming, Labrador Park Run

Labrador Park Round Run 1.22km

Ahh here I am tucked in the comfort of my room surrounded by lecture notes, library books and stationary, while still typing this post.

Well the exams are just around the corner & I say, this semester is as tough as it can get, in fact it’s the most packed ever, with 9 modules to take (excluding the internship quiz module) and most of them are in-course so it’s jammed pack with reports, assignments and presentations to make. The good thing is that I have only 2 papers to take during the official semester exams week (30th Jan Materials and 6th Feb Engineering Maths III). So theres technically 2 weeks left to clear all of these… grrr. Or I can say that this semester is simply just exceptional short – about 4 weeks shorter than usual, maybe that is why everything is all on hyperdrive now.

Popped by Labrador Park for an evening run, the place is still very popular with families, photographers and a popular fishing spot as such. While Sheena went about taking project photos on her Canon 10D. Commemorated my first 30km for the first week of 2007. Man considering I’ve not really ran in about 2 weeks, the distance is quite demanding to catch up, though this was chicken feet during my pre-marathon training, it goes to show how fast you can get out of tune in running by just a short absence from the sport.

Mileage for the week (7 day period 1-7th Jan)
Track & Field Training Macritchie X-Ctry Run – 11km – Tuesday
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training + Treadmill 6km – Wednesday
Labrador Park Run 15 rounds – 16km – Sunday-
Total Millage for week: 33km (110% of 30km/week target met)
Total Accumulative Millage for 2007: 33km

The talking about the word “Commemorating”, apparently in response to the spelling mistake on Singapore Marathon 2006 medal (ST Online Forum, Dec 18) – “Commerating the 5th Anniversary” (It supposed to be “Commemorating” instead), the event Director of the SCM 2006 Organising Committee is offering marathon participants the option to exchange their medals for the “right one” with the following details:

Contact Ms Priscilla Samson at 6340-9877 or e-mail her at ssc_sbd@ssc.gov.sg to arrange for the collection.
You may like to do this by 31 January 2007.

😀 On a side-track, Me dreams to win a White Sony PSP!



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