I guess this would be my first post on track & field in SP. Its a bi-weekly CCA on Tuesday & Thursday, where we not only get to run ourselves crazy, but jump & stretch ourselves dumb too. Not a bad combination for running freaks like us. Our coach was previously from SMU & the group of us are split into our various “specialties”, i.e sprinters, long-distance runners (long-d), throwers, etc, with me on long-d of course!

Ok, onto events, first things first, I would like to share about an event- a friendly bialthon coming up next month, the 2nd july. Its a charity event organised by South West CDC, the South West Biathlon 2005 for the disabled. Anyone can sign up, so feel free to do so as its for charity (a $5 registration fee is required, also going to the proceeds of the event). Its kinda like a Para-olympic event where disabled youths will get to participate in the event together with able-bodied people like my track team & me as friendlies within the same team, in the competition. It would cover a 400m (8x50m swim) & a 2,5km run after that.

I clocked 8x50m breaststroke last sunday at the local pool with a timing of 11:48.00 on the first try & 10:33.03 on my 2nd run after a good warm up & stretch. My 2.4km timing stays at around 10:20 for keeps, so a 400m swim & 2.5km biathlon event would take me roughly 21-25mins to complete, excluding the intermission/changing parts between events.

Woohoo, 3 more day to ORD, 10 more minutes & its 2 more days to ORD!


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