🙂 Haiz, the last 5 days are very much spent learning a new weapon, the Carl 84mm Recoilless rifle Medium Anti Tank weapon. Its like 16kg, not one of the heaviest, but one which weigh really pushes people around quite easily. It was like ow & eve when we saw a 42 coy doing a route march round the camp in Sbo, full equipment. With some carrying GPMGs & 84mms, including their OC, lol, pity ’em. Come to think about it, it had been sometime since the scout platoon did a route march in Sbo, its always a Fbo run… Otherwise, everything is kinda slack these days with the exception of 3km daily runs (9km on thurday) & a swim on wednesday. Cut down on calorie intakes & ate moderated 6 meals a day. I am feelin’ so much fitter now!

😎 The sun is up since wednesday, a good sign, though I used to dread those rainy days the past weeks. I am starting to miss the old cool weather & rain pattering on the roof. Its hot & fair everyday now, with the exception of clear stary skies of the night, just hope it don’t get to hot now, I just hate el nino. On a side note, its time to dig up those my banana boat tanning oil again.

Booked out round 6pm where 3 of us, Fat Ben & John had ice cream at the island creamery @ serene center- our follow tank spec’s Ian family business. The ice cream’s rather rich, but otherwise quite expensive too: $2.40 scoop & $4 scoops. They said its worth it, but I still prefer my hagendaz strawberries-berries, even those old uncle ice cream hawkers aren’t that bad either! Even with so much bitchin’ I am still spending $5+ on a plain cup of mocha frap at starbucks too. So contradicting…

Now about the relatively massing of hardware. My x50v arrived this morning when I am still in camp. Got a first hand at it the moment I came back today & hooked it up to a preliminary 8 hour charge. Can’t wait to toy with it tomorrow.

My ridiculously discounted orders for the Oakleys are more or less confirmed, totaling about $300USD (about $500SGD). Its a major January splurge of cash. With 3 sunglasses & cases. Heres the confirmed order:

  • 1xD3 Black/Black watch.
  • 1xBlack/Black Iridium M-Frame Hybrid-S with M-frame array case.
  • 1xGrey/Persimmon/Clear Black Half Jackets with array case.
  • 1xCarbon/Grey Half Wires XL with small ballistic case.

splurge splurge splurge!

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