You may be wondering why am I here now typing this blog on a weekday when I should be at camp sweating it out…

*pauses with anticipative grin*

ok, so I will shoot, would be dropping down to NUH tomorrow for some medical review on some eye infection, acute conjunctivitis(otherwise known as sore eyes). It had been bugging me for quite sometime, however its not in anyway, life treaterning. With that in hand, hey I got to book out! *kisses off-pass slip* This week is gonna be a very short week at camp, which I am too, not complaining though *grins* Would also be booking out this friday morning, being infantry day. *duh* wow? (some b-i-g occasion?) who cares, its the bookout which matters dudes! *uses fingers to count* roughly 3 more camp days left this week till friday, till then I will blog, chill out dudes!

Note: The comments posting script is kinda screwed up for now, hopefully I am able to get it fixed by friday. Chaos in tthe meantime.

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