Last week seems to be a very short week, very much shorter than usual. Whoosh its the weekend again and here I am typing this blog again. As I can remember with this clogged head and aching limbs of mine, heres what I have to share at camp.

And yea, so there was the outfield defense exercise for my company last week, namely manual digging, shoveling and lots of digging all day, all day… all into the night with my buddies, dig dig dig, so bad that even our enigneer gloves all start wearing out with holes, with aches and fatigue all over. Yes, it was really long, not to mention the complete lack of sleep the whole last 50 hours and the nightmare of carrying a 20kg++ heavy field pack cum signal set back to camp with the attack squad go for tens of kilometers, (being luckily appointed as general purpose machine gun commander.. *duh*) its one load that even your hands will start going numb after hours of “choinging” (rushing).

And so when the excercise ended it was company happy hour at club Chevrons @ jurong east. It was a miracle that everybody can set set their eyes open after 2 straight days of deprived sleep, talking about the zombies of resident evil… Had a dinner buffet, clubbed alittle club’s disco pub, the free flow of beer was delightful, though I still prefered the much conservative fruit punch. Sat around for a few round of pool and slacked for a few round of Daytona, Time crisis II, Tokyo wars and DDR at the local game arcade before heading home for a much needed rest. And just when the week could end happily, the stupid dial-a-coke drink vending machine refused to work for me… so much for that, there goes my phone bill…

Currently Listening: I will tell you if I have the energy to reach the winamp button…

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