White Kitchen JCube by Tokyo latte is a casual quick dining restaurant located in JCube mall in western Singapore. They serve a western-Japanese fusion fair of western grille as well as a selection of Italian pastas in quick dining setting. Let’s take a dine-in today!

The spread offerings of western grille and baked dishes at White Kitchen in Jcube
The spread offerings of western grille and baked dishes at White Kitchen in Jcube.

The establishment is located on the second floor of the JCube mall in the west, which was previously where the Jurong Entertainment Center resides. Furthermore, it sits beside a Scarlet Chinese supermarket store and a Daiso value store as notable mall tenants. Notably, the restaurant offers seating in an airy and open environment without feeling too cramp. This is considering the restaurant itself is only a store unit wide and not exactly big in size.

White Kitchen Tokyo Latte JCube Restaurant front
White Kitchen Tokyo Latte JCube Restaurant front.

A Western Menu Offering

Additionally, White kitchen menu selection are simple, no-frills and straightforward. It has a curation of western favourites like chicken chop, fish and chips, as well as an extensive selection of baked rice and pasta dishes.

Old English Fish and chips ($11.50) with squid rings and spaghetti sides
Old English Fish and chips ($11.50) with squid rings and spaghetti sides.

Moreover, regular staples include a chicken chop or fish and chips ($11.50). They are synonymous to the chicken chop pasta we come to love from incumbents Astons Specialities or Collins restaurants, which are priced in the similar price segment. Your western main course come served with a choice of sides of your choosing. Examples includes mushroom, baked potato (50 cents more), onion rings, pasta and regular fries or salad.

Additionally, their menu is typical of a western and dondoburi mix. They are priced around the affordable $12 price segment and going up to $20 for more premium beef dishes. Also, White kitchen seems to be in a roll in their menu sections, covering not only a western and Italian flair but an Asian-Japanese one too. You can see it like a more budget version of Mai Maison in a more contemporary and brighter restaurant dining ambience.

Sirloin steak medium done ($18) with salad and baked potato side
Sirloin steak medium done ($18) with salad and baked potato side.

Furthermore, I got to try their sirloin beef steak, priced at $18 per plate. Their Sirloin steak is reasonably priced at $18 per plate. Still, I would recommend their chicken dishes over the beef- their sirloin steaks are average and comparable to that of typical cooked from frozen steaks. I would place the quality a step lower than Aston’s and iSteaks regular non grass-fed steak offerings.

Baked potato
Nicely peppered

Affordable but mainstream

Additionally, on the menu too is a selection of Japanese Don buri, Omu Rice, Yaki Soba and Ramen dishes. Their ramen dishes are their in-house signature. I found their noodles starting from $10.50 for chicken flavour pretty good value. You get to mix and match the choice of your noodles, soup bases and add-ons to your desire. Noodles base of ramen, soba, udon or nisshin noodles, tomato basil with seafood ($13.50), curry with chicken, bonito kombu, chicken ($10.50) or beef kimchi ($12.50). In addition, there are a choice of 5 condiments add-ons such as sausages, chicken and salmon. I would recommend the soft-shell crab.

Also, if you are a baked rice fan, their Salmon and mushroom baked rice ($14.50) gets my recommendation. The baked rice is not too wet, with a good mix of ingredients and coated well with a thick layer of topping cheese. Their baked rice dish is served in a circular dish with portions comparable to that we previously dined at XW western. Speaking of which, White kitchen offerings are similarly priced to XW western, but without the salad buffet.

Salmon and Mushroom baked rice $14.50
Salmon and Mushroom baked rice $14.50.

Also, interestingly, for the record, White kitchen restaurant is not related to the white restaurant known for their popular White bee hoon restaurant, known for their stirred-fried bee hoon asian dish. I particularly enjoyed their cozy environment and use of soft Japanese style light interiors which makes the otherwise small restaurant appears less cramped than it is already.

White Kitchen Tokyo Latte JCube restaurant interior with a Japanese light wood feel
White Kitchen Tokyo Latte JCube restaurant interior with a Japanese light wood feel.

Exclusive only in JCube

Sizing up to the competition, you may wonder, yes, it is another western outlet in a rather crowded western grill scene. Also, the establishment has a single outlet here in Singapore here in JCube. I reckon if White kitchen to exist with just the 2-3 years ago, their menu selections would be one of the best on offer, but probably not much so today. Wrapping up, the restaurant also accepts most cashless payment modes including NETS and Paylah, except credit cards.

All in all, White restaurant is a neat new addition into an otherwise already crowded western food market. Also, considering that it the only outlet in Singapore does give it a small mom-and-pop vibe. One to support when you are in town.


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Makan Place Locality Map

White kitchen by Tokyo latte
2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-03 JCube,
Singapore 609731
Opening Hours: 11:30am- 9:30pm


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