😈 Managed to get out of camp this morning for a dental check-up & cleaning/polishing at Kranji camp. The place is really isolated. Made my way there from Yew Tee MRT station after orientating myself to the ground & heading towards the nearest patch of vegetation I see, from the station! Typical of an army camp. Now didn’t they tell me its in the direction of macdonalds from the MRT station… & it was!

Anyway, the dentist at-camp was relatively kind & friendly, first day on the job? maybe. Considering that we are in an army organisation (hey we are tough dudes), unlike those civilian/private dental clinics. I don’t visit the army dentist everyday but if service like that is the norm in the army, thats some major improvement, now we know the after effects of commercialisation… The dental dude even taught me how to brush my teeth properly, (lazy me) using some oversized toothbrush & a denture-look-alike-thingy, just like how they do it at schools for kids… argh! On a sidenote, during cleaning (felt like drilling) there was taste of BLOOD everywhere, & it stayed in my mouth till like lunch time or so… yuck! but eremm salty..

😎 & man hadn’t we seen the sun in weeks! This is actually the first DRY day since 2005. So what else could I do but head to the pool for some laps & tanning. Wheee I love the sun… Had mum’s special spaghetti for lunch back at home furthermore, she got a ring up from Dell Singapore about my PDA order today & the delivery would be in tomorrow. (2xWhee!) Mmm this is very much faster than I’ve expected lesser than 1-2weeks. Uniquely Dell, one thing bad about buying direct, despite the lower costs is not being able to inspect & try out your unit before purchasing. So it opens up to all kinds of hoax & shitty stuffs. I had not brought from dell before & I don’t think I wanna cast a bad impression on them either. Hope my unit would be ok & minus those hassles to send any possible “defective unit” back *touch wood*

Moreover, a surprise came early this week on a Oakley-joint-SAF deal for our company. In other words, we get to order original authentic, oakley products through this military, law enforcement & government agency scheme at FREAKIN’ LOW prices. Average price of one new pair of sunglasses are going for about $100SGD… customisation is allowed too, wheee! Thats like 80% off or so. So what else can the company do but do bonkers? Heres what I have on order:

  • 1xpair of Black Hybrid-S M-frames with black iriduim lens,
  • 1xpair of Black Half-Jackets with grey, clear & perimmon lenses together with a case.
  • 1xD3 sports watch
  • 5xD2 sports watches (for some super low yahoo auction)

:mrgreen: whee! thats two items crossed out of my wishlist! the PDA & Oakley sunglasses!


  1. Hey…ATTENTION…i’m serving NS rite now too…and i heard about the offer also…i would really like to get the offer too…please please reply and let me know how do i contact the agency….hp no. 83225023…thanx so much…cheers..


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