Its catching up time at orchard again so its shop shop shop. Coincidentally, my sister is involved with some 2 day cultural show at the orchard park (opposite borders), so kinda dropped by to say hi, before heading for dinner at Golden Mile steamboat resturant. As usual, the place is always packed with people, so kinda waited for awhile to get a table.

Warcraft3, Frozen throne is retailing at $49.90 at PK hereen. But I dun have the time to play it anyway, so I would most probably wait get it next week, where I can get cheaper and better deals at SimLim square. The Siemens SX1 phone is nowhere to be seen yet at all M1, starhub and singtel hello! stores, so are info and catalogues. So gotta wait for about 1mth+ before I can get my hands on it. Oh well, tata, for now..
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