Jus came back from the *test* early this morning. It some DSO labs assessment thingy @ science park- to determine whether you will be sweating out in the fields or sitting in front of a computer and working for the laboratories during National Service. It kinda whocked up when they say that you are the *specially selected* few for the vocation and *duh* its only 50-60 people in the whole of SG??? “Me veri normal don’t find me very special Leh!” Ok, back on topic, Its similar to the commando selection I’ve last year, but all paper work only. & man the test was all greek to me, mostly networking, solaris and unix questions, I only scored in the hardware and web site parts. The questions, when its difficult, it real tough, when it easy it really damn easy *duh* finished record time in half the the aloted time, cos the first to finish is the first the Go!

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