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Sustainable Singapore Gallery Marina Barrage

Sustainable Singapore Gallery is a small educational museum on energy resources and conservation located at the Marina barrage building Singapore. Notably, it is situated where the Singapore national gardens, the Gardens by the bay resides. Lets visit the attraction today with a visitation and walk through.

Sustainable Singapore Gallery interior exhibition grounds
Sustainable Singapore Gallery interior exhibition grounds.

The Marina barrage

At the top roof Green spaces of the Marina Barrage
At the top roof Green spaces of the Marina Barrage.

Additionally, the Marina barrage at its core is a reservoir water level management service building. It is also built into a lifestyle hub and park at the Gardens by the Bay. Moreover, the building has a huge non-public accessible pump room.

Also, this facility regulates the water levels between the freshwater Singapore Marina reservoir and the salty seawater beyond. Also, the top floor of the building is a vast open green space. This public space is great for picnics and popular with hobby kite flyers.

Barrage grounds
View from Barrage
Out to the reservoir view

Moreover, the ground floor is a popular park rest spot, being equipped with toilets. Also, a hawker and car park reside here which links the cycling and walking paths between the Garden’s South extension to the north. Additionally, it has a couple of fountains here which spruces up the area. Entry is free with a booking beforehand due to Covid-19 crowd restrictions.

View of the city and fountains from the Marina Barrage roof top
View of the city, gardens by the bay and fountains from the Marina Barrage roof top.

6 galleries of Sustainability

Additionally, the Sustainable Singapore galleries we are visiting is on the second floor. It sits in-entirely here between the upper between the ground and roof green space.

Welcome to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery on the second floor of the Marina Barrage building
Welcome to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery on the second floor of the Marina Barrage building.

In a nutshell, the galleries comprise of 6 main sections starting with a video showcase. You enter first into a foyer showing you a video introduction to the exhibits. Also, there is also a video screening room here. Moreover, you move into the Red dot introduction section of Singapore being a small country with no natural resources; painting the landscape.

The first gallery, the introducing the Climate action plan
The first gallery, the introducing the Climate action plan.

Additionally, it introduces the Climate Action Plan sector. Also, it follows through the climate chamber which teaches about the consequences of global warming, tad like the one we saw previously at the Garden’s Cloud Forest Conservatory. This is conducted through several informatics boards and a centrepiece lit by LEDs activated by media screens. Also, this gallery leads onto the next chamber teaching about water initiatives in the country. Called the “Four national taps” gallery.

Water conservation via “Four taps”

Furthermore, here, the displays are focused mainly on Singapore water sources and reservoirs. Also, you can learn of Singapore various water sources “From the First drop“, from reservoirs to Newater waste water treatment, desalination and import of water from foreign sources. This four sources form the “four taps”.

Water wally mascot
Intro video

Also covered here are large notable water projects, such as the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System which runs through the country. It conveys used water by gravity to centralised water reclamation plants on the country outskirts.

A walk through a DTSS sewerage tunnel bore
A walk through a DTSS sewerage tunnel bore.

Furthermore, following on is the “Explore Singapore” gallery. It covers Singapore as a “First world Oasis”. This teaches of Singapore as a green garden city. Learn of Singapore’s large network of trees, greenery, parks and gardens sprawled across the entire country.

Interactive exhibits where you can slide a ring over various tree types
Interactive exhibits where you can slide a ring over various tree types.

Also, it covers the thought behind why certain types of trees are planted around the country. Reasons include shade in parks, slender trunks for cover along roads, to aesthetics.

ABC of sustainability
Old water meters

In addition, these galleries all sit in a vast exhibition grounds, with each of these last 4 sectors sprawled around the perimeter of a “River”. Also, this “river” wave runs through connecting these 4 galleries together. It comprises of a themed waves comprises of displays and printed information within. Such as an empty 25-pounder artillery shell casing displayed used during the gun salute during the passing of Lee Kuan Yew.

Waste management
First world oasis
Artillery shell

Available as a guided tour

Moreover, the Sustainable Singapore Gallery sectors are self-navigating. It allows you to learn more about how to create a liveable and sustainable Singapore. You are recommended to follow through the group guided tour. Also, tour bookings for public walk-ins can be done at the Barrage’s first floor information counter. Of course, subjected to space availability for that hourly slot.

New modern efficient living showcasing various household initiatives, like smart meters
New modern efficient living showcasing various household initiatives, like smart meters.

Following on the next gallery, City of the Future comprises of smart energy solutions. This ranges from household, neighbourhood to district levels. Some examples include integrated parks with waterways and wetlands. Also covered are efficient living at home, educating visitors to prefer energy efficient electrical and water-use products through identification using appliance Energy labels.

Reducing energy use and waste

Waste section on waste reduction and talking about the three Rs
Waste section on waste reduction and talking about the three Rs.

Furthermore, items of District level initiatives includes Jurong lake districts, clean tech park, Punggol Northshore districts, and the use of Solar energy on building rooftops to reservoirs. Waste and garbage is another area of concern in Singapore.

The wall of trash
The wall of trash.

In particular is the risk of running out of landfill space over the coming decades. A wall of trash here clearly illustrates the problem that simply throwing away trash is not the end of the problem. There is a pressing need to literally sort out our trash issue.

Interactive exhibits
Reducing waste
Recycling quiz

Hence, the journey to zero aims to educate you on conservation (reduce), recycling and reuse (the 3 Rs). Also, this sector is home to a waste sculpture made out of everyday household waste items. Displays worth a mention here includes waste optimisation initiatives and the notorious Pneumatic waster conveyance system found in newer HDB estates.

Last gallery
Info graphics
Got art?

Lastly, the last section leading to the exit is the Future Tense section. It comprises of wall murals and a photo booth before existing back into the entrance lobby area of the Sustainable Singapore Gallery.

Future targets
Leave a message
Closing words
Marina bay reservoir sunset from the Marina Barrage
Marina bay reservoir sunset from the Marina Barrage.

All in all, you are good for the Sustainable Singapore Gallery for an hour, or two if you were to explore all the exhibits. Also, the museum-gallery is open 9am to 6pm daily, and closed on Tuesdays. Guided tours are available every hourly slots. They run till 5pm, less the lunch hour slot from 12pm- 1pm. Due to its remote location, it is often empty and a nice place to chill in the Gardens by the Bay for an informative learning day out.


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