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Exploring Don Don Donki Harbourfront

In our places exploration for today, let’s check out the Don Don Donki at Harbourfront. The Don Don Donki chain in Singapore had gone on a rapid expansion at multiple locations. They had recently opened up a new branch here in the south. Let’s check out Don Don Donki at harbourfront central mall.

Donki in a cruise center

Notably, the establishment is located in Harbourfront sitting just above the Singapore cruise center. The entrance to the establishment is tucked away and accessible via a pair of escalators bringing you in and out of the establishment. There is also a secondary entrance from the rooftop of Vivocity- Harbourfront linkway.

Store entrance

Unlike like the Jurong JEM branch we visited previously, the entire establishment is located on a single floor here at the top of the mall. It sits on the larger upper floors of the cruise center. Also, the store layout follows a very predictable layout synonymous with the Donki branches here in Singapore.

A supermarket (food) Donki

You ride a set of escalators brining into the actual establishment entrance. Here, you start off by entering a mix, household and food section at the entrance.

Moreover, you get the usual bells and whistles of food offerings in the supermarket section. Also, being situated in a commercial area means this supermarket caters to a large lunch crowd. You can see it with lines of ready to eat meals which the Japanese are known for packed under heated counters. They offer great value for the food offered.

Shabu Shabu selections
Ichiran Ramen noodles
Ramen and frozen food

Also, we had seen the evolution of the supermarket chain over the years, with the inclusion of more food items instead of what is typically offered in a Japanese Don Don Donki, or what it is called Don Quijote in Japan like the one we visited in Shibuya and Osaka last year.

Frozen food
Sweet potatoes
Sweet snacks

Additionally, here, you can find a section of rice meals (dons) partied with teriyaki, unagi (Eel) or just plain old sushi platters. Notably, there is also a sizable takoyaki (octopus balls) selection with bowls comprising of various Tako balls.

Pikachu noodles
Hot Food
Ready meals

A $1.99 section

Presumably to take on the likes of the $2 Daiso discount store, few rows of shelves here at the harbourfront branch are devoted to a sub $2 section. These comprise of mainly household products such as kitchen utensils and cleaning products.

This is unlike the one we saw at 100am mall or JEM in the Jurong East area, where it spans two floors served by an escalator in the middle of the store. Also notably this Harbourfront branch does not have a food court. Neither do they have a drunk drunk donki bar area like the one we saw at Central and City Square mall at Farrer park.


Drunk Drunk Donki are a small liquor bar section typically found adjacent to their food court. We saw the first few supermarket bars at the Clark Quay central branch, before we see the concept being expanded to their original Orchard branch in a mid-life refresh.

Tea sector
Got booze
Liquor section

Speaking of booze, this branch also sells liquor, booze, with premium Suntory selections sold behind glass. Notably this branch lacks a dedicated toy section.

Store bargain corners
Face mask
That’s all Donki!

All in all, there is no stopping the penguin invasion. This branch here at Harbourfornt is one of the many to come, with Suntec City and Downtown east in Pasir Ris being the upcoming branches coming on the line-up.


Other Donki branches we explored

  1. Orchard central
  2. 100am mall
  3. City Square
  4. Square 2
  5. Clark Quay central
  6. JEM
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