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Super Dario lasagne City Square mall

Fancy authentic Italian lasagne prepared by an Italian chef? Super Dario is one such outlet in central Singapore at City Square mall. Let’s check them out with a dinner dine in.

Super Dario Beef and Chicken lasagne
Super Dario Beef and Chicken lasagne.

Authentic Italian-run lasagna restaurant

Furthermore, Super Dario is an Italian-run lasagna restaurant. They had been around before the pandemic serving authentic affordable lasagne. Also, on the menu is a selection of 14 lasagne options with 4 of them being vegetarian friendly choices.

Moreover, the dish to go for here would be their regular beef lasagna ($10.90). This meaty, starchy and cheesy dish has become a savory staple in kitchens around the world.

Super Dario Beef with extra cheese ($11.90)
Super Dario Beef with extra cheese ($11.90).

Portion wise, each plate lasagne is small, presumably tailored small enough for Asian portions. Abliet, one much smaller you get from typical Italian restaurants. A typical wait time is a approximately short 10 minutes from when you placed your order.

Furthermore, Super Dario offers lasagna by tray or by plate portions. Notably, the lasagna is thin, but not the satisfying deep dish variants, like those we previously had at John’s pizzas at Alexandra central mall. Also, every lasagna should have a minimum of three layers.

Moreover, if the base Lasagne is not cheesy enough, a stronger “extra” cheese toppings on your plate lasagna would set you back $1.90 a pop.

Luigi Extra Chicken and with extra Pecorino cheese ($11.90)
Luigi Extra Chicken and with extra Pecorino cheese ($11.90).

However, their lasagne is not the best tasting pasta, but it adequate. I found their chicken lasagna dish tad too wet for my liking. Also, the lasagne is a shallow single meat layer type, with your beef packed between layers of lasagna layers. I found the meat tender, but does not fill your dish complete. It could do more with more meat fillings.

Super Dario lasagne has a single layer of meat fillings , which is tad thin
Super Dario lasagne has a single layer of meat fillings , which is tad thin.

Still, I found the portions at most adequate for Asian-sized servings at least. Going back to lasagna by the tray, you do have the option to order an entire tray freshly made on order. A tray is good for at least 5- 6 servings and is great for groups. The store does online orders and takeaway boxes for parties if needed.

A fun environment

Moreover, there is a mix of counter and tabled seating within. The Lasagne store is a small and cozy one. However, the store does have very limited seating and would have trouble seating large groups exceeding 5 pax.

Dessert section
Cozy store

Also, the store has a rather fun setting and ambience. Interestingly, the restaurant has a wall of artwork drawn on paper serviette.

Super Dario Wall of tissue art
Super Dario Wall of tissue art.

Interestingly, the Lasagne cafe menu items are named closely after Mario characters from the Nintendo Super Mario series. Which are also Italian plumbers and love Italian food.

Here you have Dario lasagne for beef, Pixel ($14.90) for lamb and Luigi ($10.90) for chicken, which are also common valid Italian names which put them safe to IP infringement.

Other menu items

Additionally, other mains includes cafe sandwich items such as focaccia stuffed toasted bred sandwiches ($7), making the cafe great for lunch or tea breaks.

Also, besides their specialty lasagna, is an offering of Margarita thin crust pizzas ($11.90) which is good as a side with your lasagna. You have a 7 selections of toppings costing $2 a pop. They are served pre-cut in 4 slices totaling 200g. Also, I had their truffle add-on and it is loaded with generous servings of truffle, you could smell it off the table. It does not disappoint.

Margarita thin crust pizzas ($11.90), the Pizza is great for sharing
Margarita thin crust pizzas ($11.90), the Pizza is great for sharing.

Moreover, topping up the menu is a selection of dessert cakes and drinks. This includes hot and cold drinks as well as ice blended coffee. There is also Tiramisu and Ice-cream. Prices is a standard $5.60. Additionally, there is no GST or serve charge.

All in all, for under $12 a pop, Super Dario lasagne at City Square mall offers one of the more affordable authentic Italian dining options without breaking the bank. It is ideal for students and diners on a budget. If you do not mind the smaller and thinner portions. Check them out on the 4th floor of the City Square for your lasagne fix, or maybe do some Japanese fast retail shopping at City’s Square’s Don Don Donki supermarket too.


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Super Dario Lasagne Locality Map

City Square Mall, #04-17
17 Kitchener Road (Opposite Daiso),
Singapore 208539
Opening Hours: 11am- 9:15pm Opens daily.


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