2007 had definitely been a rather interesting year for me, with lots of interesting ups, downs and challenges. I am glad that I’ve met and even surpassed all targets the targets I’ve set the previous new year’s eve. I’ve got closer and became more understanding & tolerable with my loved ones on top of securing my first scholarship for my current studies. It was a rather short year as well and one which not only saw oil prices reaching record highs but the US dollar hitting bottom low and no where close to what we had saw almost 10 years ago.

On academics, I will be graduating from Singapore Polytechnic early next year bringing a myriad of crossroad junctions for me again in the turn of 2008. On the ideal forefront I will be pursuing a scholarship program by one of our government organizations here for fully subsidized overseas undergraduate studies, targeted in commendable universities such as MIT, Stamford or The London Imperial College.

Besides recommendations from others, I personally want to try to study overseas, contrary to my previous thoughts of staying in Singapore and being disconnected from home. But on the contrary, I think I will be more disconnected globally if I stay put here! Moreover, with the exception of SMU, I come to distant the liking of studying in local universities such as NUS and NTU, also considering how rejectingly they can be on entry applications I had come to face previously. Now the tables are turned with them inviting us top students over.

My studies plan B, would be staying on homegrounds on a bond-free undergraduate scholarship offered (ironically) by both NUS and NTU. Studying back at home is not that bad but I foresee that I will learn alot more and take a break from Singapore culture once in a while.

Study Resolutions for 2008
-Secure a place in a top 10 University, otherwise, studying local ain’t that bad either.
-Survive through my first year as a (duh) freshman.

Work and financial wise, I plan to spend more time on flourishing a homegrown business I am planning, on top of pushing a few more others I currently have on the cards. Though I am happy that I’ve met few targets I’ve set for business, 2007 came much of a blow for me too with the US dollar hitting rock bottom exchange rates now and I’ve lost quite alot on the rates. Despite surgery costs (which I will cover in running/sports), I will still consider low-risk investments as a big spending factor of my finances for the next year, also as part of growing my retirement savings. I personally find that I was able to balance out my time quite well this year and I hope I can do even better when I juggle in my degree into the equation.

Running Resolutions
Contrary to plans to always better my running ablity the next year, I plan not to run so much in 2008, considering that I will be down for a minor leg surgery which will put me down for a few months, so technically trying beat mileage from the last year is quite unrealistic. My ultimate sport dream is still to complete a full Ironman, but I won’t see myself doing it so soon next year until I train more specifically for Triathlons, work more on my swim and get a descent road bike in place of my mountain. But that does not mean condemning myself to gaining weight and growing a pot belly.

My sporting goal for the next year is to maintain my fitness and physique to put me though my medical term and recover fully for the following year ahead where the real training begins.

And to close up my running mileage for 2007, with 1101 kilometers covered!

Running Mileage for week (17-23rd Dec)
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 16.51km – Thursday
Running Mileage for week (24-30th Dec)
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 17.16km – Tuesday
Running Mileage on new year’s eve run (31th Dec)
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 14.02km – Monday
Total Mileage for week: 47.69km
FINAL Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage: 1101.39km

And time to party now!


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