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Lotte World Tower Sky31 food court

Lotte World Tower Sky31 is a public accessible food court located on the office complex that offers a stunning bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. It is one of the “cheat code’ ways to get up Lotte Tower for free. Today, let’s and explore with a walk through of the Sky31 food court, how to get up there, and check out the different stores, food offerings, and the view of Seoul city from the top.

Lotte world ground Atrium viewed from the Sky 31 food court at Lotte world tower Sky31
Lotte world ground Atrium viewed from the Sky 31 food court at Lotte world tower Sky31.

Furthermore, while Lotte World Mall itself is not devoid of eating options, the Sky31 food court is a little bit out of the ordinary as it is located in an office building and requires an additional step to enter. More on that later.

Lotte World Tower

More on the tower which the food court sits in. Lotte Tower is located in Sincheon-dong, Songpa, Seoul, South Korea. Lotte Tower opened to the public on April 3, 2017. Notably, at point of writing, the 123-story gleaming silver skyscraper is currently the tallest building in South Korea and the sixth tallest in the world. The skyscraper has silver modern exterior which towers over the Gangnam district it sits in.

The Lotte World Tower skyscraper as viewed from Lotte world theme park island
The Lotte World Tower skyscraper as viewed from Lotte world theme park island.

Also, the tower does have its own dedicated tourist observation deck. This is similar to towers we visited in Taiwan with their iconic Taipei 101 or the Tokyo Skytree within the region. Compared to the N Seoul Tower on top of Namsan mountain, Lotte world observation deck does cost more to go up at 27,000 won per person.

Moreover, the while located not as high as the Lotte World tower observation deck, the Sky31 food court offers a free views of the city from the 31st floor, along with a range of dining options for free. It is an alternative way to get a view from Lotte Tower for free without having to pay to enter the Lotte Tower Observation Deck attraction. Since, the food court has become increasingly popular with both locals and tourists. In fact, during my visit, the place was packed with people enjoying their meals while taking in the views from up here.

Getting to Sky31 Food Court

As mentioned, the food court, which is open to the public, is located on the 31st floor of the office complex, offering a panoramic view of Seoul. Unlike other food courts in Seoul, Sky31 is located in an office building, and requires an additional step to enter. However, the extra effort is well worth it for the view and the unique experience.

Lotte world tower Sky31 Entrance from the basement floor
Lotte world tower Sky31 Entrance from the basement floor.

To enter the Lotte World tower from the underground the Lotte World mall subway station link, you must first enter the office block lobby via a separate internal escalator from the office block glass door entrance within Lotte Mall. The entrance is located next to the Lotte World Observatory entrance and near a pillar of achievement as a landmark. After turning left behind the glass doors, follow a path up an escalator to the office block lobby. There is convenience store located here just before an escalator which you take up to the tower lobby.

Grabbing an office pass at the lobby

A vast open lobby atrium greets you at the end of the escalator. Notably, the establishment has quite a following, and the building management even has a dedicated pass-issuing booth where you can obtain passes needed to go up into the office block. All that is required is to provide a name and phone number, and a red lanyard badge will be issued to you. You scan this pass through the office gantry areas into the tower lift lobby. Once you’ve arrived at the lobby, you can take the elevator to the 31st floor.

Lotte world tower main lobby entrance
Scanning in
Elevator controls

Also, the elevators are operated by a touch screen interface where you can call the elevator down to bring you up to the 31st target floor of choice. From here, the 31st floor puts you on par with the top floors of other skyscrapers in the vicinity. You exit the elevator into a general lobby and seating area, where another set of double doors brings you into the food court and dining area.

Sky31 Food Court Food and Drink Offerings

The Sky31 food court has a food court arrangement style with a mix of drinks, coffee and food stores and open seating overlooking large glass windows. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a captivating perspective of Seoul’s skyline. Here, diners can witness the city’s constant motion as cars traverse the streets below, leaving streaks of lights in their wake. The establishment is managed by Lotte Group.

Sky31 food court entrance
Viewing deck dining area

The food court features a mix of both international and local Korean food options, catering to a diverse range of tastes Notable stores here include a western cuisine store, local selections, and a coffee shop selling a variety of cakes and shakes.

Burger lab, a gourmet burger store by Lotteria food chain
Burger lab, a gourmet burger store by Lotteria food chain.

Moreover, the interior tenants of the food court offer a variety of local and international food options. This includes a burger store serving a variety of Gourmet burgers similarly we can find in Singapore. There is also a premium coffee shop offering a variety of mixed beverages such as strawberry shakes on top of regular brewed and blended coffee.

Dining Areas in the Lotte world tower Sky31 food court
Dining Areas in the food court.
Food stores
Massage chairs

Also, the 31st floor views allow you to dine with a view. Seating is offered in tabled and bar seating. Also, there are even massage seats up here too which you can pop a coin in to relax in. Moreover, there is a 7-11 convenient store up here too, an oddly but essential establishment in an otherwise upmarket dining area.

Food court ambience
Drinks cocktails
7-11 store

Notably, the foods here are also reasonably priced, and there are no obligations to buy any food or drinks here. In fact, there was a group of Korean students sitting in the common areas of the lobby area during my visit.

Common areas at the entrance of the Lotte world tower Sky31 food court
Common areas at the entrance of the Sky31 food court.
Close up views

Views from Sky31

One of the most notable aspects of the food court is its impressive bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. In addition, the views here from the food court are delivered through large glass windows, providing a stunning view of Seoul.

Small vantage point view of Seoul city from Lotte world tower Sky31
Small vantage point view of Seoul city.

Moreover, you can catch glimpses of the shining Han River gracefully winding through the city, adding a touch of serenity to the bustling landscape. The river reflects the surrounding buildings, creating a mesmerizing scene of lights and colors during the evening hours.

Looking southward, the distant Namsan Mountain stands majestically, adorned with the iconic N Seoul Tower. This landmark provides a contrasting natural backdrop to the urban panorama, creating a harmonious blend of nature and modernity.

Lotte World shopping center overview from Lotte world tower Sky31
Lotte World shopping center overview.

Also, the view from the 31st floor may not be the highest, and is tad lower from what you can expect from observation decks. However it is more than adequate to provide a stunning vista of Seoul’s skyline. Also, the 31st floor sits at the height similar to the top of the surrounding buildings. Allowing you to just peek over them. The Lotte world mall side of the tower has a grand lit outdoor atrium with busy traffic seen below.

A close up of Lotte World outdoor park with rides lit and operating
A close up of Lotte World outdoor park with rides lit and operating at night.

Interestingly, from the west-facing windows, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Lotte World adventure theme park below. You can make up the park’s main mall building which connects to the Magic island via a bridge with all the island rides including the Gyro Drop tower, Gyro swing, Fantasy castle and the Atlantis roller coaster all in view.

Lotte World building
Theme park across the tower
View north

Wrapping up

All in all, Finally, the Lotte World Tower Sky31 food court is a great place for everyone, including families, couples, and solo travellers. The food court is an excellent option for those who want to experience the city’s skyline without paying for the observation deck. It offers a no-frills, no obligations and unique dining experience for both foodies and sightseers catering to different tastes and budgets. Definitely an interesting point of interest in your adventures of Seoul City.


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