Let’s check out the Boston Museum fine arts with a day trip. It is an arts museum on Eastern American University city in Boston, Massachusetts.

The vast galleries of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Welcome to the museum
The vast galleries of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Welcome to the museum.

Furthermore, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1870, it sits in Boston, MA along 465 Huntington Avenue. The front courtyard entrance of the museum sits the Cyrus Dallin’s Appeal to the Great Spirit (1908). Also, the Great Spirit statue is a bronze statue of an indigenous man seating on a horse. It stands outside the museum’s main entrance facing Huntington Avenue, where the museum sits along in a university- residential neighbourhood.

Great statues

Additionally, the museum is home to over 8,000 paintings and more than 450,000 works of art. It is one of the most comprehensive collections in the Americas. On entering the entrance, a vast open and modern lobby await.

The modern galleries within the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
The modern galleries within the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Also, from here, the galleries linking to the arts of Asia sits on your immediate left, while the Egyptian galleries start off on your right.

American art

Moreover, notably, measured by public gallery area space, the Boston Museum fine arts is the 20th-largest art museum in the world. The museum sees almost a 1 million visitors a year, and spans over two floors with most of the larger collections on the ground floors.

The museum courtyard and Sharf visitor center grounds
The museum courtyard and Sharf visitor center grounds.

Additionally, you can see the art museum’s central rotunda sitting at the core of the museum grounds. It links to the Sharf visitor center grounds.

looking up
Street front

Exploring the galleries

Additionally, you get quite an international selection of galleries here at the Boston Museum fine arts. Also, the Art of Ancient Egypt is a major gallery here. Here, you can find a range of ancient Egyptian artefacts including sculptures, sarcophagi, and jewellery.


You can also find a mix of marble stone figures, especially that of notable statues of Egyptian pharaoh, guardians and Egyptian art. Also, the displays here are not as spectacular to that of the New York MET or the British museum for that matter, but adequate.

European and American paintings galleries in a rather conducive setting
European and American paintings galleries in a rather conducive setting.
Lots of paintings
Painting and sculpture gallery

Moreover, moving on is the European art galleries. It sits on the far North end behind the Sharf visitor center. Also, here, you can find a collection of Dutch paintings as well as a late 19th century collection of British books. Art of Europe with displays of pottery, ceramics, metallurgy plates and receptacles.

Bust gallery

The Boston Museum fine arts is also a keen curator of the Arts of Asia. Their collection here includes Chinese painting, calligraphy, imperial Chinese art as well as Japanese pieces. Moreover, Japanese Garden Asian gallery is one worth mentioning. Also, you can also find the Tenshin-En Japanese Garden here.

The Asian religion section in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
The Asian religion section in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Also, the gardens, designed by Kinsaku Nakane were opened on 1988. The garden sits on the far left (North western) corner of the museum.


Asian section

Additionally, here in the Asian galleries, you can find the Red Fuji art piece. It is one of the series of 36 views of Mount Fuji by artist Hokusai (c. 1830-1832). There is also a section dedicated to Asian religions. Also, there is a section covering that on Buddhism for instance. The Rockefeller collection of Native American work houses the museum’s African Arts.

Ship models

An extensive American gallery

Moreover, a major gallery here is one focused on the Art of the Americas. This includes many works by artists John Singleton Copley and Winslow Homer, as well as John Singer Sargent and Gilbert Stuart. Also, you can find a recreation of living spaces, complete with furniture and table setting. You can find the New American café here in the space. Here is also where you can also find the museum’s bookstore here too.

American homes

Moreover, no fine arts museum is complete without their Contemporary Art curation. Through the museum’s life, multiple new extensions added to the wing. This includes a Decorative Arts Wing was built in 1928, and the Linde Family Wing built to house Contemporary Art. Also, the modern art galleries section has modern long corridors connecting the various galleries lit by skylights. Also, it reflects the contemporary design of the museum, with clean and span open spaces which pairs well with contemporary art.


Additionally, not too far off from the Fine Arts museum main entrance is the Calderwoof courtyard. The courtyard is a green open space within the museum grounds. It is used for events and mini concerts alike. Also, being situated in the museum, you do need a ticket (About $25 for adults) to enter.

Modern art gallerias
Clean art

All in all, you are good for the Boston Museum fine arts for about an afternoon top. There is quite a lot to see, though not as extensive as the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is also a complementary art gallery to visit in addition to the Boston Institute of Contemporary arts. Still, it is a place to check out when you are in Boston city. Do note the museum is closed on Tuesdays.



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