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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Ordered Dell Axim x50v

:grin: Came back today anticipating a good deal from dell & yes finally a dell axim x50v deal less than $800, infact $681. They are having 25% off PDAs, far much better than last...

Digital Cable

:idea: The cable guy came by to install the new digital set-top box this evening as my sis wanted some new additional animax cable channel, only supported by digital cable. So starhub offered to...

btye for thought

Installed my thermaltake fan controller, now my PC casing looks piffy together with my 5.25" bay overclocker's kr L.I.S LCD indicator with red backlight, man does it look cool! Now I can work with...


Caught the movie taxi at GV PS today with my bmt friends dominic & qingrui. Met up early at the box office around 12.30 for some chit chat, catching up on times. Dom wanted...

Short week ahead

wee ho hay! its time of the umm year? again where I just can't stop bitchin' bout holidays ahead. Yup you got that right its gonna be a short week ahead of me with...

New handheld Dell Axim x50v

Dell had released their new series of Axims, the x50 range. I 've always been looking for a good vga PDA, with the $1199 hp ipaq hx4700 currently in mind, but with the similarly...

Hp ipaq hx4700

Wow.. drools, looks like I can throw away my wishlist for either the Asus mypal730 or Toshiba e830. Step side, cos the HP hx4700 is here! drool, drool, drool, drool :twisted: Oh yea, on some happenings...

Aye! Sail the seven malls!

Aye matey, did quite some shopping today, namely. Personally it was quite a feat all done in 7 hours today too... Never've I been to so many stores, asked/haggle/enquire so many times in my...

New item up on wishlist.

Been researching for a good digital camera for sometime now, guess I its time to start saving for one which have the following features I want: Relatively Small/compact design Manual modes (for fine photography) ...

Sony to halt PDA sales outside japan

Consumer-electronics giant, Sony is expected to announce that it will no longer sell its Clie handheld anywhere except Japan. Sony plans to run down stocks in Europe and the US, only launching new models in...

Starsky & Hutch

Caught Starsky & Hutch at cineleisure with my cousin today, not a bad, "the 70s" crime bustin' show. Had lunch at taka before that where I finally got the SIGG bottle with a design...


Friday, TGIF! but for today its aka chore day- dropped by the bank to apply for my debit card and get a new bankbook, lucky the lunch crowd is not there yet, very smooth...

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Burgers at Citrus By The Pool Woodlands

Citrus By The Pool Woodlands is a chill halal western dine-in restaurant in Woodlands, Singapore. The establishment offers a selection of Western and Italian...

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