What you get when you bind the profession of Engineering, the passion of Design and Sports in one big pot with some added spice, parsley, and a pinch of craziness?

Meet the Engineer, designer, coder and athlete

Outgoing, creative and always full of ideas, Shaun is always fascinated at how mechanical things work around him, sparking his interests in illustrations, mechanical/character conceptual art & design. His range of artistic works range from modeling, conceptual drawings to that of computer generated digital media and web.

Shaun is a very busy, busy guy. When he’s not curiously disassembling his kitchen fridge, daydreaming or fighting the ZZzz monsters, he is very much running himself silly in marathons.

One has to look out for engineers:
– they begin with sewing machines and end up with the atomic bomb!

He enjoys writing during his free time and documents the world, one post at a time on his personal (this) website which he founded since 1997. He is also an avid industrial product designer, specializing in designing consumer electronics (with international collaborations) and automotive design (having built an electric race car from scratch). He is professionally associated with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

A better world with Science and Technology

He believes that Science and technology has to power to change and move worlds (and even create them), and is the answer to problems faced by mankind today.

Shaun enjoys challenging himself with new techniques and challenges at every corner. The self-taught designer been drawing since kindergarten and enjoys the blending the works of engineering with art/design with focus on usability and aesthetics. He sees Walt Disney- a dreamer, and doer as one of his main inspirational figures. He also finds it amusing that he continentally shares the same ala-matter as Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alan Turing and Lee Kuan Yew.

He is also an accidental programmer, and enjoys writing code during his free time. He is a STEM Ambassador, and had contributed code for the Google, the Linux Foundation, Arduino project, Joomla and WordPress codebases. He has over 20 years of experience in web development and 10 years in mobile development, specialising in web-apps for both Android and iOS platforms. He had been approached by clients such as Siemens, Citibank, MSC software, etc. for his services.

Howdy! Enjoy your stay here

Shaun is based somewhere in the world where char kuay teow & chicken rice is a delicacy, air-conditioning is ruled as man’s greatest invention, and pastimes such as queuing and buying 4D/Toto is a way of life, welcome to Singapore.

Be comfy and enjoy your stay on my little abode on the interwebs here. Cheers!

Current Interest areas for collaboration

Shaun has profound interests in the following areas he feel strongly about. He will be keen to hear from parties open for collaboration on the development on:

  • Gene therapy: Gene therapy through viral manipulation of genetic biomolecule through introduction of foreign instruction sets to treat human degeneration, and diseases (e.g. Alzheimers/dementia, aging).
  • Robotic Locomotion: Development of robotic bipedal/quad mechanical walkers as efficient alternative to wheeled travel.