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Dining at Ramen Hitoyoshi Harbourfront

Ramen Hitoyoshi Harbourfront is one of my few favorite lunch spots in the southern part of Singapore. In the rather crowded Japanese ramen scene in Singapore, it stands out as a small cozy dining ramen shop with a reasonable price to boot.

Ramen Hitoyoshi store front at Harbourfront
Ramen Hitoyoshi store front at Harbourfront center.

The restaurant is situated on the ground floor of Harbourfront center. Physically, it is located beside an open activity area of the mall’s ground floor event space. Moreover, you can recognize it by an oriental styled wooden facade. The restaurant itself however is pretty small in size and does get rather packed especially during lunchtime. Notably, there are both seating inside the store and just outside the restaurant. Also, at its most crowded, you can expect a waiting queue for about 30mins tops. This is especially if you have a large group to seat.

Ramen Hitoyoshi Garlic Ramen dish
Garlic Ramen dish.

Ramen in three unique flavors

In their menu offerings, the restaurant specializes in Ramen noodles. Additionally, there are also a small selection of sides for your choosing too. You have a choice of three stock flavors. Their signature garlic Tonkusu, normal or spicy. You have 3 thickness levels for your soup broth.

Moreover, I recommend their garlic stock option under the “normal” thickness. It offers one of the more flavorful ramen broths which complements the noodles and condiments. Even on the normal thickness, the soup stock is thick and can get rather creamy when finishing. The thick option is not recommended and is too rich, overwhelming, coagulated at the bottom and too salty for my liking. It is also pretty more difficult to consume. Unless you really love their broth.

The spicy broth version is essentially feel like their basic stock mixed with heaps of chili. Hence you can vary the degree of spiciness with the amount of chili paste added to the dish. Moreover, you can specify the degree of spiciness upfront to your server.

Thin ramen noodles in spicy broth
Thin ramen noodles in spicy broth.

Additionally, you have a choice of two Ramen noodle thickness. It is recommended to go for the thick noodles as I found them more flavorful. Also, you can appreciate the Ramen noodle texture more than the thin ones. Still, I also get recommendations to try the thin noodles. You can pack more thinner noodles in the same bowl size, which give you slightly more quantity. Despite the seemingly small portions, it does get pretty filling after you finished your meal. It can get rather satisfying without feeling overly full or bloated after your meal.

Tonkusu goodness, three different levels!

You get three different levels of condiments for your ramen. The basic ramen bowl comes with your noodles served with a single Tonkusu meat slice and an egg. The next, second level comes with .
On the full options with the third and final level with the extras, you get Tonkusu meat slices with a full egg and a large seaweed sheet. The meats are tender and chewy, but not too fatty. Each meat piece comes with a thin layer of fat running along the edges.

Hitoyoshi Tonkusu garlic ramen with all extras
The garlic ramen with all extras.

Ramen sides

On sides, you have sides of Gyoza dumplings to accompany your main course. You can order them in 5 or 10 pieces with purposes of sharing. The Gyoza’s are juicy on the inside with a lightly sheared outer skin. It is not the best I had tasted, but adequate for the price point. You have them served with a sauce side.

Hitoyoshi Gyoza dumpling sides
Gyoza dumpling sides.

Furthermore, you have a free flow of corn as well as bean sprouts. It compliments your meal well and can be added onto the saucers provided as a side dish, or added as a condiments into you ramen itself. There are no wrong methods to consume these sides.

Hitoyoshi Free flow of corn and bean sprouts
Free flow of corn and bean sprouts.

Also, the bean sprouts are of the “large head” type which are more premium. They are a pretty good filler as an appetizer while waiting for your main ramen dish to arrive. have a couple of containers of this sides. Additionally, the restaurant staff members are very helpful and are quick to refill your containers in the event if you finish them.

Reasonable pricing

The basic bowl starts around the $12 price range with an increment of $2 for each jump. The fully fledged ramen dish with all the extras sets you back about $15.90. It is reasonable considering you get a free flow of additional condiments. You do have to pay extra for a drink, though their green teas gets free refills too. Plain water is available on request for free too.

All in all, Hitoyoshi Harbourfront gets a recommendation for standing out in the rather busy Japanese food selections in Singapore. Their no-frills specialization in just Ramen make them one of the best out there for the price. Worth of a try.

Ramen Hitoyoshi
1 Maritime Square,
#01-99, Harbourfront Centre,
Singapore 099253
Opens daily 11.30 am – 10pm
(Opens 30mins earlier at 11am on weekends)

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