Static Outdoor Lego Miniland displays

No Legoland is ever complete without their trademark static display of Miniland Lego models. Each Legoland static display is unique as it comprises of Lego architecture specific to the region they are in. For instance, the UK one has a recreation of London, while the Florida one has a recreation of New York City.

Lego Static displays
KL Airport
Singapore CBD Model

The Malaysian park is no different with their own collection of Malaysian landmarks, such as KL international airport, the streets of Jalan Melorum, as well as a mock-up of the Singapore Marina bay area and Central business district complete with landmarks such as the Singapore Flyer and the Merlion by the Fullerton-Marina bay. Some of these displays are motorized, having moving vehicles, planes and trains. At night, the buildings are lit up with tiny LEDs, giving it an authentic city feel.

Wonders around the world
Chima world
Jalan Melorum model

In addition to the region-specific models are those from the various Lego universes such as Chima as well as replicas of the wonders of the world. Other notable permanent displays will also include the Lego Starwars display, where visitors can run through a linear route of galleries with each Lego scene recreated based on the Starwars movies in running episodes.

Lego Starwars
Naboo in Episode 1
Desert outpost

Learning activity area

I particularly like the learning activity areas, where you can call out your inner child to build Lego models to solve problems. Maybe it’s the little engineer which is crying out for long deprivation of Legos. The racing and earthquake simulator were really fun activity areas, even for grown-ups. Build the most aerodynamic or balanced race car which you can pit other kids to the finish line or design an earthquake-resilient Lego structure and test it on a shaker table. The activity areas are huge with plenty of shaker tables to go around, so you won’t end up hogging the stations away from the kids.

Activity area
Lego Racers
Earthquake shaker

Lego stores and park food

In addition to the main Lego store at the park entrance, there are several mini stores littered around the park hawking good specific to the attractions there are in. It is worthy to note too that these smaller gift shops sell some items which can’t be found in the park’s main Lego shop at the entrance. Unlike Legoland Denmark, all the souvenir items and Lego box sets on sale in the shops here are standard Lego products and not unique to the Theme park or region, though you may have a chance of obtaining some rarer sets of the Lego creator series here which may not be found in Singapore. Items sold in the Lego store here and box sets are generally at least 10% cheaper than the monopoly prices in Singapore.

The restaurant
The park main Lego store

Food is really affordable at the park, the park’s main food court (Market Restaurant) is expansive and has a large variety of halal-certified food served without having to leave the park for meals. This includes local and foreign delicacies.

That’s all for my write-up of my trip to Legoland Malaysia. Despite the attraction being across the causeway, a trip there is surprisingly fuzz-free and enjoyable. Good for an entire day out with family or friends.


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