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Growing up 1966-1965 exhibition National Museum

Growing up 1966-1965 exhibition focuses on history of play in the founding days of Singapore. This museum minor gallery in the Singapore National Museum offers insight on the experiences of growing up in Singapore...

National Museum Dislocations exhibition

National Museum Dislocations exhibition: Memory and Meaning of the Fall of Singapore, 1942, is a commemorative wartime exhibition focused on the aftermath of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore. Also, it is one on history...

Story Of Forest Rotunda Nature exhibition

Story of the forest is a permanent sensory exhibition in the Singapore National Museum. It brings you in touch with nature via digital projection and an exhibition area. Let’s see what’s on show. Your journey...

Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore

Asian Civilisations Museum is a historical museum focused on Asian cultures, with an interest within South East Asia, East Asia and India. It is home to a number of anthropology artefacts, particular those focused...

Reflections at Bukit Chandu museum

Lets visit the newly renovated Reflections at Bukit Chandu. The establishment is both an educational museum, a historical site and a place of remembrance. It covers the history of Bukit Chandu and commemorates the...

Sustainable Singapore Gallery Marina Barrage

Sustainable Singapore Gallery is a small educational museum on energy resources and conservation located at the Marina barrage building Singapore. Notably, it is situated where the Singapore national gardens, the Gardens by the bay...

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Lee Kong Chian Natural History museum is one of biodiversity. It comprises education, research and outreach all in one venue. For most it is a museum showcasing animal natural history of the South east...

Discovery Center through lens of time

Discovery Center through lens of time is a new permanent national education exhibition and display. Tucked within the grounds of Singapore armed forces Discovery Center in the SAFTI complex. This is a public-accessible portion...

Georgette at home in the world, National gallery

Georgette at home in the world is a temporary exhibition at the National gallery Singapore. It is one showcasing the works and life story of local art pioneer Georgette Chen. Notably, the exhibition will feature...

Imperial War Museum London military learning day

Imperial War Museum (IWS) in London is a war museum home to military equipment and exhibitions covering the World Wars. It is a great learning museum suitable for all ages, and great for visitors...

Botanical gardens gallop extension

The gallop extension at Botanical gardens is a funky new extension to the UNESO heritage site. It's a spot of greenery and play, let's explore what's on. Gallop green is primarily a green space with...

Home Truly Growing Up at Singapore National Museum

Home Truly, Growing Up with Singapore, 1950s to the Present at the National Museum is an exhibition showcasing Singapore from its early days leading up to independence to today. It is a temporary exhibition...


Future World Art Science Museum Marina Bay Sands

Fancy creating art for the digital realm or play hands-on games via virtual mixed reality great for children? The Future World Exhibition at the...

Ninja Chirashi Japanese Dons

World Press Photo Exhibition 2021

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